The ‘Gay’ Oreo and the Stupidity of Kraft Foods

First it was the CEO of General Mills who spoke at a gay pride event explaining to the crowd that the company opposes the Minnesota constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage. The brain trust at General Mills seems to be ignoring the fact that there are over 35 million traditional marriage households in the US and only 111,000 same-sex households.

JC Penney made a similar business blunder hiring lesbian Ellen DeGeneres as one of their spokespersons and putting homosexual dads in their June catalog over Father’s Day. Then something happened:

Perhaps the biggest news within the retail industry at the moment is the sudden resignation of JC Penney’s president, Michael Francis. Only eight months after taking the helm at the retail behemoth, news of Francis’ abrupt departure was shocking to many.

Poor sales were given as the reason. Were the poor sales the result of JC Penney taking up for the homosexual lobby and people shopping elsewhere?

Now we learn that Kraft Foods has joined up with the ‘gay’ rights ‘diversity’ movement in its celebration of the June 25the ‘Pride’ events across the country by creating an ad with rainbow filling in its highly popular Oreo brand cookie. You won’t find the rainbow-colored Oreos in stores. It’s a Facebook promotion

If you’ve ever seen an Oreo commercial, children are most often at the center of the ads. Kraft better understand its audience. It’s not the ‘gay’ rights movement; it’s parents who want to share a special moment with their children as they enjoy with them what they enjoyed as children. I can assure you that a rainbow-colored Oreo is not what parents want to visualize when they share a creamy-center Oreo with their children and a glass of milk.

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