The ‘Covfefe’ Kerfuffle

The kerfuffle over Pres. Trump’s “Covefe” tweet shows that today’s media seem only to accent the foibles of those who are not in their club. They love to tear down those with whom they disagree. If they can’t do it with facts, they do it with ridicule. It’s easier. No research of a story is needed. When there are no facts, cite “anonymous sources.”

When a news story does not fit the leftist narrative, ignore it. The endgame is not truth; it’s one-upmanship for “the cause.” The thing of it is; there is no real endgame except to destroy all opposing views and bury all evidence to the contrary.

Pres. Trump is an easy target. He often makes his own mess, and there is no one in the media who will lift him out of it. This was never the case with Pres. Obama.

The following article is from Wesley Bruce. Mr. Bruce is an Australian commentator who has studied libertarianism, environmentalism, technology, and some economics. An advocate of new and untested conservative solutions. He has a Bachelor of Science in human ecology and geography from the Australian National University, Canberra, with archaeology, physics, and some planetology and cosmology.


The tweet tells us several interesting things about Trump and has raised several very important questions.

The tweet which said: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” it was followed by Trump joking about it with another tweet: “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’??? Enjoy!”

This tells us several things.

Trump does these tweets himself. Conservatives knew this. The radical left knew this, but most in the middle are still shocked. Most politicians have someone, a staffer, running the Twitter account, but Trump is hands on. It means that even though his staff is monitoring the Twitter feed, a staffer does not have the authority to correct or delete a tweet. That is important. It means Donald Trump is not afraid of errors and wants to maintain control. What many see as errors may be intentional, and he does not want a staffer second-guessing him.

It also tells us that Donald Trump actually does sleep. The tweet was made at 12:06 AM and only deleted at 6 AM. It shows he gets 5 to 6 hours of sleep; normal for older people. The mistake tells us that he should have gone to bed 6 minutes earlier. He was clearly a bit dozy and missed the error. At least he’s only running the country not driving a car at that hour.

It also tells us that while he is accused of having small hands, his fingers are still too big for those teeny-tiny buttons on a cell phone, like everyone else over the age on seven on the planet. This is a fundamental problem with cell phones design since they were invented and no perfect solution has been developed. This will drive a new batch of inventors working on the problem. That may be a very good thing. I have a few ideas but can’t write computer code to save my life. I can’t even see what I’m writing properly. Dyslexia is a pain.

I suspect he was trying to type “kerfuffle” while most think he was completely botching commentary. “Kerfuffle” comes from the Scotch “carfuffle” – “agitation of mind, perplexity” – and until the late 20th century it was spelled “carfuffle” or “curfuffle,” not “kerfuffle.” Remember, Donald Trump’s mother is Scottish. She would have always used the “C.”

It is clearly a bad typo from someone that is a bit dozy. Trump was trying to type the word as he probably always heard it from his mother in her Scottish-accented American English: “Despite the constant negative press kerfuffle.” Makes perfect sense since it means disturbance, fuss, a perfect synonym for fake news. A better definition is a fuss and a lot of discussions based on incorrect information. MSM, he’s talking about you.

This tells us something about Trump’s cell phone; it can’t spell kerfuffle. It did not auto correct or flag it as wrong. Maybe, Trump, has it turned off, but why bother? Have you ever tried to turn off autocorrect? It’s really hard on most phones. It argues with you. The programmers, it seems, can’t see why you would even want to.

Within hours this has raised another question about the quality of American English teaching. I’m someone who watches a lot of YouTube and participates in forums, and it is clear that whatever passes for English teaching in USA makes no attempt at spelling, grammar, pronunciation or apparently anything else. I’m watching very smart people, adult computer programmers, making some very basic mistakes. If it’s small kids coding Minecraft mods, it’s excusable. (Embarrassing perhaps when their mods work and mine don’t.) If it’s programmers and YouTubers from Europe, Asia, and Africa, it’s also excusable. Often you see an apology “sorry for my bad English” followed by a statement in perfect English.

Some have asked another question. I know I’ve asked it too. Is Donald Trump dyslectic? I have dyslexia, and the question makes perfect sense. “Covfifi” is the kind of typo we make. We can’t instantly see that it’s wrong because our vision system is messing with what we see. The letters are all dancing about on the tiny key screen and in the final tweet. It is not called “word blindness” for nothing. It’s taken me over an hour to write this, but to a dyslectic, a tweet is easy. It takes a few minutes for dyslexia to kick in. Still, the last tweet after a dozen others is at serious risk of going badly.

The clue that Trump may be dyslexic is the fact that he reportedly favors short messages, audiobooks, and direct instructions. Above average IQ but below average school performance is also normal. His biographies are full of that. Yes, he’s written books, but how much was dictated? If Trump is dyslectic then it explains much. Even his self-deprecating humor. However, that may be just a Republican thing. Remember, that was a characteristic of both Ronald Reagan and George W Bush. George H. Bush is the only Republican that did not do it. He didn’t have the timing.

The tweet created a proper kerfuffle. Was that his intention? We can’t rule out the typo was seen and left there intentionally. If that is true, then the USA has the smartest, scariest, most promising president ever. If not, then all we have is a President that makes normal mistakes and knows how to laugh at them.

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