Teaching of Creation is as Bad as Radical Islam

You can’t fight one brand of extremism with another brand of extremism. Moreover, just because a radical group believes something does not mean that everything the group believes is wrong.

For example, Adolf Hitler got behind the “people’s car” project. We know it as the Volkswagen.

“In 1933, with many of the above projects still in development or early stages of production, Adolf Hitler got involved, demanding the production of a basic vehicle capable of transporting two adults and three children at 100 km/h (62 mph). He wanted his German citizens to have the same access to a car as the Americans. The ‘People’s Car’ would be available to citizens of the Third Reich through a savings plan at 990 Reichsmark (US $396 in 1930s dollars)—about the price of a small motorcycle (the average income being around 32RM a week).”

It’s one thing for Great Britain to oppose radical Islam, but condemning the teaching that God is the Creator of all things because Islamists believe it is not the right approach. Condemning the spread of radical religious views within British schools is a good thing.

The following, delivered to Parliament late last month, is from Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary of Great Britain:

“There has been no evidence of direct radicalisation or violent extremism. But there is a clear account in the report of people in positions of influence in these schools, with a restricted and narrow interpretation of their faith, who have not promoted fundamental British values and who have failed to challenge the extremist views of others.”

What are “fundamental British values”? Does anybody know?

“The report mentioned by Morgan also denounces the teaching of creation in public schools, suggesting that anti-evolution beliefs are comparable to radical Islam. One section of the report claims that creation beliefs equate to ‘teaching belief as fact.’

“‘Staff have said that creationism has been taught as fact in science lessons and in assemblies at Park View School,’ the report says.”

One of the “fundamental values” of Great Britain, long before Islam came on the scene in the 7th century, is that human beings are created in the image of God.

“This hardly equates with the hatred-filled bigotry of Islam,” one commenter wrote. “Like it or not, British values are based on biblical teachings.”

Evolution is fundamentally materialistic. Given this premise, radicalism is the name of the game. It’s the survival of the fittest. Any Islamist could embrace the “science” of evolution and be scientifically ruthless, men raping to spread their genetic material and killing off the propagators of inferior genetic material.

Great Britain can’t beat something (radical Islam) with nothing. A consistent evolutionary worldview makes us nothing but a conglomeration of atoms animated by a small charge of electricity.

If Nicky Morgan believes that dismissing God as the Creator is the solution to fighting radical Islam, she is in for a rude awakening. The day may come, as some reports indicates that it will come, that she will be without Christian allies in not too many years.




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