24 Mar 2014

The Woman Behind Obama’s Throne (and It’s Not Michelle)

President Obama is not interested in politics. He’s more interested in filling out his bracket sheet for March Madness, going on vacation, and golfing with celebrities. We all know this. For example, “President Barack Obama has spent more time traveling abroad than other U.S. president in history at this point

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23 Aug 2012

Are 96 Percent of Blacks Racists?

A shocking new poll (probably rigged) claims that “Romney has zero percent support from African Americans.” While 96 percent of African Americans will not vote for the white guy, we’re not told who the other 4 percent are going to vote for. All we know is that no blacks in

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21 Jun 2012

Don’t Force Eric Holder to Resign

Calls for Eric Holder’s resignation are foolish. Voters have short memories. What’s news today is forgotten in a week. By the time November rules around, most voters will be asking, “Eric who?” Eric Holder is the poster child for the legal corruption that is pervasive in the Obama Administration. As

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04 Apr 2012

I Agree With Van Jones that Blacks Will Vote for Obama No Matter what He Does or Doesn’t Do

Appearing on MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner, former White House advisor Van Jones said even if President Obama came out as a homosexual he would not lose any support among black voters. Even though a majority of blacks oppose homosexual behavior and homosexual marriage, they will still vote for President

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