11 Nov 2015

Students Should Report ‘Hurtful’ Liberal Speech to Campus Police

Liberals use the American system of liberty and freedom to gain power and then shut the door behind them once they are in power. The Berkeley “Free Speech Movement” of the 1960s is a perfect example. It was the catalyst for the near overthrow of the secular university system in

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10 Nov 2015

Fire the Coach, Dismiss the Players, and Make them Pay for Lost Revenue

The radical leftist policies of the 1960s have come home to roost. The new ultra-radicals have out-radicalized their hippie-era malcontents. The Lord of the flies has come to university campuses. “Yes, the adults now fear the children.” Sit-ins are passé. The new-radicals are going for the heart of the universities,

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17 Oct 2015

University Students Feel Oppressed by Statue of Thomas Jefferson

Poor sensitive college students. They’re not upset about killing unborn babies, the shooting of self-professed Christians on a community college campus, increasing the power of the State, or the radicalization of Muslims who want to impose an Islamic Caliphate that would shut down every university in the United States. No,

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