09 Nov 2017

Millennial Claims Trump is the Reason for Recent Violence

You don’t have to look far to see that most violence comes from the political Left.

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21 Oct 2015

Liberals See Immigration as a Way to Abolish the Second Amendment

The long-term effects of immigration — legal and illegal — could have disastrous consequences. First, soccer would become the national past time. Second, the Second Amendment would be abolished: “Mass immigration from the Third World would destroy the NRA and ultimately the Second Amendment, a Washington Post op-ed declares, as

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24 Jun 2015

Another Stupid Anti-Gun Meme

There are too many Americans who can’t think straight anymore (if they ever could). They say stupid things that they believe are good arguments. Most likely they pass on somebody else’s stupid “argument” believing that it answers an intended objective. Unfortunately, these people are permitted to vote. A few years

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23 Jun 2015

Terrorism and Violence for Social Change are Tactics of the Left

Once again liberals want to blame a murder spree on conservatives. Somehow Dylann Roof represents conservatives because he used a gun to kill 9 innocent black people in church and likes the Confederate Battle flag. Liberals did a similar thing with the Oklahoma City bombing. And what’s a liberal’s solution?

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20 Feb 2015

Obama’s ‘Legitimate Grievances’ to Behead, Burn, and Torture?

Everybody has so-called legitimate grievances, but 99.999% percent of them don’t kill people because of them. In fact, saying you killed somebody because you had a grievance against that person won’t get you very far in court unless you’re a homosexual couple that wanted a cake made for a same-sex

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16 Apr 2014

CNN’s Peter Bergen Says Those on the Right More Deadly than Jihadists

Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst, a director at the New America Foundation. The New American Foundation is funded by George Soros. Bergen also uses as one of his sources the mega-fundraising radical leftist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center. These associations in and of themselves do not mean

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20 Aug 2013

New Court Ruling Could Nullify First Amendment

Judge Michael Ponsor has ruled in Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Lively (2013) that Scott Lively, through his talks in Uganda in opposition to homosexual behavior was in fact “aiding and abetting a crime against humanity.” Lively, an evangelical pastor, was sued in a Massachusetts federal court by a foreign group

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17 Apr 2013

Time to Register Pressure Cookers, Garbage Cans, and Backpacks

I never knew that my mother was a potential terrorist and that she harbored a weapon of mass destruction in her kitchen. The pressure cooker was an essential part of my mother’s cooking regime. Its whistle would make me salivate. Buy an inexpensive cut of meat, put it in the

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26 Jul 2012

Mass Murder is Nothing New

“Lizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.” Lizzie Borden (1860–1927) was tried for killing her father and stepmother with an axe on August 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts. While she was acquitted, no

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