25 Jan 2014

Pro-Homosexual Judges Need a Lesson in Plumbing and Electrical Work

One of the best jobs I ever had was working in an old fashioned hardware store. I was always handy, but working with an older gentleman who had seen everything boosted my knowledge and expertise. I learned how to make concrete pads, cut glass, thread pipe, and fix all kinds

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01 Mar 2013

Scalia, Kagan, and Sotomayor Slug it Out over ‘Voting Rights Act’

It’s about time. We’ve needed a battle over ideology on the Supreme Court that the public gets to read about. The 1965 discriminatory Voting Rights Act is being reviewed by the Supreme Court. Who would ever question such an Act? I mean, voting rights is the staple of our Republic.

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15 Jan 2013

545 Politicians vs. 300,000,000 People

The following article was written by Charley Reese for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper on March 7, 1995 under the title “Looking for Someone To Blame? Congress Is Good Place To Start.” Reese worked for the Orlando Sentinel from 1971 to 2001 as a writer and in various editorial capacities. The

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11 Oct 2012

Justice Scalia Talks Capital Punishment, Abortion, and Homosexuality

Justice Antonin Scalia says that interpreting the Constitution is easy. Being a “textualist” he interprets the words in the Constitution as they were understood by the people who wrote them. It’s the same with any piece of literature. Supreme Court Justice and constitutional scholar Joseph Story (1779–1845) wrote: “The first

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31 Jul 2012

Justice Scalia Promotes Gun Sales

He didn’t mean to do it (at least I don’t think he did), but Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is the best thing that ever happened to gun ownership in America. In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox, Justice Scalia said that “the Second Amendment leaves open the possibility

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29 Jun 2012

Justice Roberts May Have Done Us a Big Favor

By Kate Kicks, Townhall.com The following is excerpted from an article written by Kate Hicks at Townhall.com: Over, and over, and over, President Obama assured us that this was not a tax. He was not raising taxes on the middle class (that’s what the Republicans were doing, remember?). Nope, .

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30 May 2012

What Happens to the Supreme Court if Obama Gets Re-Elected?

There’s a lot at stake in this year’s election. I suspect that most people reading this column do not believe we have the ideal candidate. We don’t. Many are hoping against hope that Ron Paul is going to secure the nomination at the Republican convention since delegates are not legally

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19 Apr 2012

Have Americans Purposely Been Made Ignorant of Our Nation’s History and How Our Government Works?

Pawn Stars is one of the History Channel’s most watched shows. Each 30-minute segment takes you behind the scenes of what happens at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s family-owned business run by three generations of the Harrison family: Rick, his son ‘Big Hoss,’

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30 Mar 2012

How Reading the 2700 Pages of the Healthcare Bill is Cruel and Unusual Punishment

“The Italians are coming,” Dave (Dennis Christopher) exclaims in the film Breaking Away (1979) as he learns that a professional Italian biking team is coming to Bloomington, Indiana. It turns out that these Italians have little concern for the rules of cycling as Dave finds out in a race with

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