18 Apr 2018

Leftist Racialists Pounce on Starbucks. Leftists Eventually Eat Their Own

As soon as I heard about how two black men were arrested in a Starbucks because they would not leave, I made some predictions. First, there would be Leftist outrage. Second, there would be an overreaction by Starbucks. Third, the Left would not be satisfied. My fourth prediction is below.

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20 Mar 2015

Why Aren’t There Starbucks in These Majority Black Cities?

I’m not a coffee drinker. In fact, I’ve only had one cup of coffee in my entire life. I was about ten years old. It was at my grandparents’ house during a family get together. There was a cup of coffee on the table. I picked it up and took

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01 Nov 2014

Starbucks Unveils Its First LBGT Commercial and it Ain’t Pretty

More and more companies are going “gay” while at the same time denigrating anybody who has an issue with same-sex, alternate sex, slice and dice sex (transgenderism), and take-your-pick sex. When it was found out that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich opposed same-sex marriage, so much pressure was put on him

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05 Jun 2012

DC Comics Cops Out by Making Green Lantern ‘Gay’

DC’s new ‘gay’ super hero is . . . Green Lantern! This new incarnation of Green Lantern does not have his own comic, and he lives on a parallel earth . . . Earth 2. It’s as if DC has put homosexuality back in the closet. If DC was really

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23 Mar 2012

Starbucks CEO Puts Company Behind Washington State’s Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage Bill

Will you still drink Starbucks coffee knowing that the coffee empire’s CEO has put the company squarely behind Washington state’s pro-homosexual marriage bill? Since I don’t drink coffee – never had a cup since when I was 9-years old I took a swig of some cold coffee that someone had

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