06 Jul 2015

Rainbows, Lightning, and Droughts: What About These Signs?

You may remember when Ireland voted to sanction same-sex marriage that gays around the world were ecstatic and made mention of a double rainbow in the sky as some sort of divine approval of the vote. I asked in an article on the claim, “So what about the rainbows that

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26 May 2015

Rainbows, Left-Handedness, and ‘Gay’ Rights

When 60 percent of the voting public in Ireland voted to redefine marriage, the gaysters screamed with wild euphoria. They were finally being recognized for their sexual proclivities. Don’t think, however, that this vote stops them from snuffing out all opposition. They’ve only just begun. Any word of dissent will

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04 Dec 2014

If Gay Sex is OK Why Keep the Ban on Gay Blood Donations?

Gay rights is all the rage. Irrational judges are making irrational decisions about the normalcy of same-sex everything. Anybody who knows anything about biology knows, same-sex sexuality is more than irrational. In the 1980s there was the great AIDS awareness drive. The claim was made by homosexuals that anybody could

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08 Nov 2014

Tony the Tiger Gets His Gay Stripes

Latest studies show that homosexuals make up about 1.5 percent of the population. It’s shocking how they control the media, the film industry, the courts, and big-name companies. My theory has always been that it’s not that these companies support same-sex sexuality; it’s that by defining deviancy down, they can

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