23 Jun 2018

The Difference Between Booting Sarah Sanders From Restaurant and Not Making a Cake for Same-Sex Wedding

The Left has become a public embarrassment, more so than in past years. Everything is racist. If you voted for Trump you’re a Nazi. Following the law that was on the books during Obama’s tenure as President means that children held in detention centers while their parents are being legally

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24 Aug 2017

Should Black-Owned Bakeries Be Forced to Make Confederate-Themed Cakes?

Have you noticed that the homosexual rights movement has been silent over what’s happening about the removal of monuments? Could it be that the demand to remove offensive images is damaging the argument that bakers, florists, and photographers should be forced to serve same-sex marriage ceremonies? There are beliefs and

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22 Apr 2015

‘Progressive’ Pastor Gets It All Wrong on What It Means to be Free

While it seems that incidents of homosexuals bashing anybody who disagrees with them have died down, don’t think that the Gaystapo is not planning more assaults. The latest assault comes from Rev. Chuck Queen. Rev. Queen (his real name) is the senior pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. He’s

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21 Mar 2015

Chamber of Commerce Goes ‘Gay’ and Throws One Its Members Under the Bus

For years conservatives have been duped into believing the Chamber of Commerce was a conservative organization. This is not true. Consider the following: “The Chamber of Commerce has long been thought to be an ally of the GOP, by and large. They have made it clear during the course of

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20 Dec 2014

Homosexual Bakeries Discriminate Against Heterosexuals

You’ve heard the stories of bakers, flower shops, photographers, and wedding venues that have been sued for not doing business with same-sex couples who want to marry. Homosexuals have worked overtime to make such rational, moral, and First Amendment determinations illegal. People who don’t give into the tyranny are often

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10 Dec 2014

LeBron James Should Wear a T-Shirt that Says “My Business is Being Choked to Death”

First it was “Hands Up.” Now it’s “I Can’t Breathe.” “Several players on both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets, including LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Kyrie Irving and Deron Williams, wore black ‘I Can’t Breathe’ T-shirts during pregame warm-ups Monday, following in the footsteps of Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose who wore the same shirt in a game Saturday to show support

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