11 Feb 2015

Obama Lied About ‘Gay Marriage,’ and He Gets to Keep His Job

Brian Williams has turned out to be a liar. It’s no big surprise. Those in the mainstream media have been lying to us for decades. And if they weren’t outright lying, they covered for other liars. Obamacare was a lie. It’s a wealth redistribution scheme as well as a further

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29 Jan 2015

Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Refuses to Answer Polygamy Question

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch is lying, and if she’s not, her unwillingness to answer the question about the legalization of polygamy (and maybe incestuous marriages) in light of the legalization of same-sex marriage should be enough to disqualify her from the position. Anybody in her high level legal profession who

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24 Jan 2015

Chick-fil-A Booted From Indiana University Campus Because of Same-Sex Marriage Controversy

Your tax dollars are paying for this: “Chick-fil-A has been booted off another campus because a small group of students with voting power disagreed with some of the business’ Biblical beliefs.” If this were a private college that got absolutely no tax money, I would not object. But colleges are

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17 Jan 2015

Five Unelected Judges are Going to Decide America’s Fate

In 1973 seven unelected men who sat on the Supreme Court of the United States of America cast their votes that resulted in the deaths of 50 million (maybe more) unborn babies. How would you like to stand before God after that vote and the ensuing bloodshed? The seven would

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11 Nov 2014

Another Example of Liberals Hating Freedom of Expression

Liberalism use the language of freedom of expression and tolerance to gain entry into the political and judicial process only to slam the door shut behind them once they get in. We’re seeing this take place on an almost daily basis over the issue of homosexual marriage. Liberals had no

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05 Nov 2014

Let’s Be Happy that Democrats Lost Big Even if the GOP is Still a Problem

Since the 2012 election I have not watched Fox News. Their polls were way off. Dick Morris was just talking out of the hole in his head. Karl Rove was an embarrassment. Fortunately, the polls were out of kilter this time around as well. For example, in Georgia’s governor’s race,

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21 Oct 2014

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Running for Governor Says Government “Doles Out . . . Rights”

Jason Carter is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter. He’s running for governor in Georgia as a Democrat on his grandfather’s tattered coattails. “Carter’s biggest asset appears to be that he is the grandson of the nation’s most ineffective president, former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. As evidenced by Carter’s

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08 Oct 2014

Renegade Federal Judges Need to be Opposed on Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

The Supreme Court has refused to take up the issue of federal judges usurping the authority of state legislatures and various referendums regarding same-sex marriage. Most establishment Republicans have remained silent. Most governors have given into the unlawful rulings. They don’t want to take a position and face voters. If

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16 Aug 2014

Is Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable?

If you listen to news reports, you will find that the general conclusion is that everybody is embracing same-sex marriage. There are three main reasons for this misinformation. First, the general population is under the impression that nearly 25 percent of Americans are homosexual. In reality, the percentage of homosexuals

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03 Jul 2014

Judge John G. Heyburn Says Man’s Law Higher than God’s Law

Judges around the country have become a law unto themselves. There were five church-going judges in Alabama who ruled that sodomy marriages are constitutional. Their Christianity made no difference in their lives. I don’t know who to blame, the churches they attend who separate the Christian faith from politics (and

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17 Jun 2014

Hillary Clinton Says the Bible is the ‘Biggest Influence’ in Her Life

How do you know when a lawyer is lying? When you see her lips move. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. Mix that with her being a politician, and you can wager that almost everything she says is a lie. She’s been programmed to lie her way into seats of power.

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17 Mar 2014

Rand Paul Wants Conservatives to Compromise on Moral Issues

The Washington Post is reporting that Rand Paul is calling for conservatives to compromise on moral issues: “I think that the Republican Party, in order to get bigger, will have to agree to disagree on social issues,” Paul told vocativ.com. “The Republican Party is not going to give up on

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28 Feb 2014

Confessions of an Ex-Evangelical who Supports Same-Sex Marriage

The latest story making the rounds is a letter from “a Millennial” who has had a “change-of-heart on gay rights/ssm [same-sex marriage].” There’s nothing new for me in this letter. I’ve been harping on these issues for nearly 40 years. It’s what I do. Christians disengaged from culture decades ago

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16 Oct 2012

NY Mayor Bloomberg Puts Big Money Behind Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

You remember Michael Bloomberg. He’s the busy-body mayor of New York City. He’s also the guy who wants to ban oversized soft drinks. Consider this from the mayor. Now he’s in the sex business: “I do not believe that government has any business telling one class of couples that they

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