01 Jun 2023

Beware of Educational Brainwashing

In two- or three months millions of high school graduates will head off to college where the goal will be to retrain them to get their minds right. What will they encounter? Is there an agenda? You bet there is. Consider what happened at the law school at the City

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27 Mar 2015

Why Atheists Can’t Account for Human Rights

Harvard Historian Richard Pipes writes the following in his book Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime: “The Communists attacked religious beliefs and practices with a vehemence not seen since the days of the Roman Empire. Their aggressive atheism affected the mass of citizens far more painfully than the suppression of political

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11 Feb 2015

How Did America Lose Its Mind and Soul?

What happened in the United States that got us to this point in history? There are lots of theories and avenues to the insanity. But if there is one institution that’s done it, it’s our educational system. Most schools in the United States – from kindergarten through the graduate level,

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04 Oct 2014

Teen Obsessed with TV Serial Killer ‘Dexter’ Murders and Dismembers Girlfriend

Life is cheap today in a world of elective abortions and calls for death panels. It was Ezekiel Emanuel, who was involved in the creation of Obamacare, said that he hopes to die by age 75. “Why I Hope to Die at 75 “An argument that society and families—and you—will

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20 Aug 2014

College Professors Want to Steal Your Child’s Mind

It’s back to college time. Millions of young people will be going off to retraining camps to get their minds right. What will they encounter? Is there an agenda? Not every professor is trying to steal your child’s mind, but there are enough of them out there that tens of

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