15 Jan 2014

Will Ryan Bell be Able to Live as a Consistent Atheist?

Before a show like Extreme Makeover, there was Queen for a Day that first ran as a radio show and was later picked up for television from 1956 to 1964. Four pitiful and woeful women would tell their story to a studio audience. After hearing tortuous tales of discomfort, the

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18 Dec 2013

Evolution Scientist Objects to God Creating Anything

The Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, Calif., a temple to the religion of evolution, displayed a plaque that read as follows: “The Nature Lab is a gift to Los Angeles to celebrate all of God’s creatures and enable NHM to broaden our understanding of the natural world through

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13 Nov 2013

Evolution Disproved by Evolutionists in New Study

Evolution is today’s secular religion. Evolutionists have their own creation story (abiogenesis), holy books (On the Origin of Species, The God Delusion), priesthood (Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins), seminaries (universities), and houses of worship (atheist “mega-church” movement). The charge is often made that the debate over evolution is over. Evolution has

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19 Oct 2013

Why You Don’t Ever Have to Apologize to an Atheist

In her interview with marathon swimmer Diana Nyad — the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage — Oprah Winfrey said she believed in something greater than herself but did not go so far as to say that she believed in a personal god. Nyad

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02 Oct 2013

Islam, Christianity, Atheism, and the Origin of Science

If we are to believe evolutionists like Richard Dawkins, religion is the enemy of science. He’s not the first atheist to make this claim. But when Dawkins speaks these days, people listen and react. For example, this tweet about Islam and science got a stern response: “[A]ll the world’s Muslims

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26 Sep 2013

Why It May Be OK to Stone Atheists

I love it when atheists like those from the Freedom from Religion Foundation bring out a new atheist campaign. The latest Freedom From Religion Foundation campaign is an invitation to students, faculty, and the general public at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to “stone” them at “Blasphemy Rights Day” based on

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12 Aug 2013

What I Would Say to Atheist College Student Who Wants Atheist Chaplains

An atheist college student, Daniel Moran, confronted U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) at a town hall meeting and asked why he twice voted against a measure to allow atheist chaplains in the military. Earlier this summer Democratic Rep. Rob Andrews of New Jersey presented an amendment to the 2014 National

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02 Jul 2013

American Atheists Show They Need God to Survive

T.S. Elliott, wrote, “The greatest proof of Christianity for others is not how far a man can logically analyze his reasons for believing, but how far in practice he will stake his life on his belief.” True enough, but we can apply this same truth to atheism: “The greatest proof

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16 Apr 2013

New Atheists Attacked by Fellow Secularists for ‘Islamophobia’

New Atheists Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris are often described as the “Unholy Trinity of Atheism.” When you add Daniel C. Dennett to the mix, the Unholy Trinity becomes the Four Horsemen of the New Atheism. Even in their atheism these atheists can’t escape religion. They are defined

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27 Dec 2012

Evolutionist is Accused of Being a ‘Fundamentalist’

Being called a ‘fundamentalist’ is the ultimate put-down word when you want to discredit a person’s belief system. That’s why secularist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins is outraged that theoretical physicist Peter Higgs has called him a “fundamentalist of another kind.” Originally, the word “fundamentalist” meant someone who held to the

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19 Dec 2012

Did Adam Lanza’s Genes Make Him a Mass Murderer?

Why did Adam Lanza enter Sandy Hook Elementary School and murder 26 people? The parents of their dead children, educational officials, the police, and mental health experts are trying to find Lanza’s motive. What set him off? Blame for Lanza’s grotesque criminal act is being shifted to some form of

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26 Nov 2012

Setting Traps for Conservative Politicians and How to Avoid Them

Once again a Republican presidential hopeful is under attack by the Left and some on the Right for comments about the age of the earth. An article in GQ, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, magazine wanted a little more information on what Florida Senator Marco Rubio meant by socialism not having “worked in

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15 Oct 2012

None of the Above: The Rise of the ‘Religiously Unaffiliated’

The 2012 presidential election is the first time that a Protestant is not running for President, if we assume that President Obama is a Muslim. You might have seen the story that he wears a ring with a particular religious inscription. The following was reported by Jerome Corsi on the

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06 Oct 2012

Consistent Atheism in Action at Major University

Maybe you’ve seen the headline: “Michigan Professor Strips Naked in Class, Shouts ‘There Is No F–king God’” While on a speaking tour in the North East part of the United States and Canada two weeks ago, I presented a talk on the ethical implications of atheistic evolution. I pointed out

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13 Jun 2012

Harvard Professor Tells Us that We’ve Evolved to “Need Coercion”

For a number of years I have written on the ethical implications of evolution. If evolution is true, the atheistic variety, there are no moral absolutes. This is not to say that atheistic evolutionists are not moral. Many of them are just as moral as non-atheists. While they may be

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06 Apr 2012

President Obama Is America’s Leading Social Darwinist

President Obama said that Paul Ryan’s budget was “thinly veiled social Darwinism” in action. So what’s wrong with any form of Darwinism? Isn’t Darwinism taught in government schools? Darwinists believe that the fit supplant the unfit. That’s why Darwinism described as the “survival of the fittest.” The fit weed out

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31 Mar 2012

Evolutionary Scientists are Becoming More Irrational

At this year’s Reason Rally, reason was touted as the atheists’ first principle. No one has ever seen reason, and yet atheists believe in it. Reason has never done anything, and yet atheists attribute all types of qualities to it. In addition, there is a lot about the cosmos that

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26 Mar 2012

Atheists March on Washington to Ridicule Religion and Show Their Unscientific Side

The first march on Washington took place on the National Mall in Washington, DC on November 2, 2002. It was billed as the Godless Americans March on Washington (GAMOW). There were about 2000 in attendance. The rest of the atheists were teaching in our nation’s colleges and universities. Apparently they

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