09 Jan 2015

Atheism Has No Remedy against Evil, and That Includes Acts of Terrorism

Denouncing all religions, as atheists do, only elevates its own version of faith over all other belief systems. What is its ethic? Why should anybody follow anything an atheist has to say? By what standard? Whose atheist version of law? Atheists have denounced religion as the source of all evil

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04 Oct 2014

Of 10 Highest IQs at Least 8 are Theists and at Least 6 are Christians

How many times have you heard atheists argue that people with the highest intellects are atheists. Many of them are. At same time, there are many very intelligent Christians.. I know lots of them. One of my professors, the late Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen (1948-1995), was one of the most

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19 Sep 2014

Liberals Hype Banned Book Week When They are the Real Book Banners

Next week the left will be celebrating “the Freedom to Read” during Banned Book Week. In years past People for the American Way (PAW), a liberal political advocacy group, published a report on censorship and “book banning.” Actually, books are not being banned in America. Anybody can buy a so-called

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16 Sep 2013

Bill Nye the UnScience Guy

Over the weekend I was in Pittsburgh attending my 45th high school reunion. While in the hotel I was flipping through the channels and came across Bill Maher’s show where he was interviewing Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” They were talking about religion and science. Maher tried to argue that

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19 May 2012

What the First Amendment Really Says about Religion

Many people incorrectly maintain that the First Amendment was designed to remove any and all religious precepts and considerations from civil affairs. An example of this misinterpretation can be found in the Congressional Quarterly’s Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court: The two men most responsible for its inclusion in the

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16 Jan 2012

Can You Identify Who Said These Things?

Today is a national holiday. Government employees will get paid for not going to work. There are at least two good things about “No Government Work Days”: Traffic is light and no laws will be passed. You may not know that today is Martin Luther King Day. What you may

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28 Nov 2011

“Just Preach the Gospel” Is a Prescription for Disaster

In addition to those who are arguing for third parties, others are claiming that Christians have no business being involved politically. The following email I received is a typical example of someone who says no to all politics and social action: “Would you not see that the main concern of

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08 Nov 2011

Does a Candidate’s Religion Matter?

With Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman running for the Republican nomination for president, their religion keeps coming up. They’re Mormons. A similar thing happened in the 1960 election with John F. Kennedy’s Roman Catholicism. There is a long history of anti-Catholic sentiment in America, and people in the 1950s were

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19 Sep 2011

A Conservative’s Very Bad Idea

The article “Conservatism that Assures the Unthinkable: the Reelection of Barack Obama,” by Chuck Rogér, that appeared on the American Thinker website caught my attention: As America flirts with permanent economic decline, certain GOP presidential contenders talk of gay marriage, Charles Darwin, and religiosity.  Are we losing our minds? While

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