02 Jun 2017

Has the economic slowdown begun? Here are 12 ominous signs.

Recessions happen. They are built into our modern central-banking economy. The question is: when will the next recession arrive?

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06 Apr 2017

Is the Federal Reserve exercising its “nuclear option” and initiating its exit strategy?

It seems like this same story surfaces every few years. But is the Fed serious this time? What if it is?

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04 Apr 2017

Why good times may be coming soon for used-car buyers

Signs of trouble in the auto industry can be taken as signs of hope for a certain class of used car buyers…

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07 Mar 2017

Is this lady about to trigger the next recession?

Fact: recessions happen. Fact: on average, they arrive 58 months after the last recession. Final fact: it’s been 73 months since the last one.

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