15 Aug 2015

Would Geraldo Rivera Have Made a Good Nazi Sympathizer?

During a heated exchange on Fox’s “The Five” about the Planned Parenthood videos, “liberal co-host Geraldo Rivera suggested to fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld that aborted babies should made into ‘dog food.’” He went on to say that he wants “a cure” for various diseases using aborted unborn baby body parts.

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10 Aug 2015

Megyn Kelly Compares Herself to Vladimir Putin

Megyn Kelly has responded to criticisms that her question of the GOP candidates in the debate last Thursday were silly, agenda-oriented, and possibly designed to take out Donald Trump. What the other Republican candidates wouldn’t do, Fox was trying to do. Here is Megyn Kelly’s response to the criticism: “We

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07 Aug 2015

Is Playing the Hitler and Nazi Card Always Wrong?

I generally like the writings of P. J. O’Rourke. One of my favorites is, “When you think of the good old days, think ‘dentistry.’” Can you imagine dentistry before the advent of precision medical devices and anesthetics, not just for dentistry but for all invasive medical procedures? “The greatest invention

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06 Aug 2015

Planned Parenthood and the 3% Abortion Myth

The folks at Planned Parenthood and the organization’s apologists are sending out the narrative that abortions only make up 3% of its total services but are not telling us what percentage that number represents. So why make such a big deal about Planned Parenthood and abortion when this number is

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05 Aug 2015

Barbara Boxer: Planned Parenthood Apologist and Merchant of Death

First, killing unborn babies should not be legal. Just because the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that unborn babies don’t have legal protection under the Constitution does not mean that killing unborn babies is the moral thing to do any more than it was the moral thing to do for

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03 Aug 2015

Wife Of Judge Blocking Pro-Life Videos Is a Radical Abortion Supporter

Liberals are entrenched in every major media, legal, business, and social organization. They learned a long time ago that cultures don’t change from throwing bombs and rioting. Liberals from the 1960s and 1970s changed tactics. They shaved, cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrated every power institution in America.

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31 Jul 2015

Black Democrat Attacks Planned Parenthood Because all Black Lives Matter

Cleveland Democrat Bill Patmon is black. The following is from his speech at an Ohio Right to Life rally announcing his co-sponsorship of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. For Rep. Bill Patmon, black lives matter, even those in the womb. The following is from Breitbart: _______________ I wrote a

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31 Jul 2015

Scarlett Johansson Stands with Racist Planned Parenthood

Hollywood celebrities who were not aborted are coming to the rescue of Planned Parenthood. Scarlett Johansson is one of them. She says the following in a new counter video to the body parts videos that have been released: “I stand with Planned Parenthood, because Planned Parenthood stands up for me.”

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30 Jul 2015

Court Helps Planned Parenthood Cover Up its Baby Body Part Business

You know it had to happen. Unelected judges have gotten into the censorship business. Planned Parenthood was caught bloody red handed negotiating prices for the body parts of murdered unborn babies. Not able to answer the charges and with more videos about to be released, PP knew that their only option

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29 Jul 2015

Cecil the Dead Lion Gets More Attention than Millions of Dead Babies

It’s remarkable what offends the moral sensibilities of liberals. All of a sudden the issue of rape has become important, but it wasn’t important when women were making credible accusations against former President Bill Clinton. Tom Brady’s missing emails are a hot topic but not Hillary Clinton’s. The latest news

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28 Jul 2015

How the Media, Democrats, and the GOP Miscalculated Donald Trump

When Donald Trump first opened his mouth, the liberal media, Democrats, and the GOP establishment believed that attacking him would be a slam dunk. In fact, they believed they didn’t need to attack him. His own words would send him to the political backwater. Boy, were they wrong. “A new Monmouth

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25 Jul 2015

If You Can’t Refute the Truth Go After the Truth Tellers

Planned Parenthood caught caught red handed — literally — in a sting operation. Not only does PP defend and support killing unborn babies, the organization profits from selling the babies body parts. Instead of investigating PP, Democrats want to investigate the organization that exposed the tax-funded organization. One would think

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24 Jul 2015

Would Companies Match Funds to Anti-Abortion and Anti-Homosexual Non-Profit Groups?

An article is going around about companies that support Planned Parenthood (PP) through matching donations of employees to non-profit groups. After two videos appeared showing that PP trades in aborted baby parts – not globs of tissue – the pro-abortion organization, funded by money taken from us by our government,

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21 Jul 2015

Behead the Babies: Democrat Apologists for Baby Killing

Have you noticed that Democrats never apologize for anything? They will defend the most atrocious evil to safeguard their overall agenda. Take the case of the baby beheading admission defense (partial-birth abortion) and sale of aborted baby body parts by the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood. The Hill reports: “Congressional Democrats

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16 Jul 2015

Take Down Darwinism and Planned Parenthood . . . Not the Confederate Flag

The real ideological and historical danger to blacks in this country has been Charles Darwin and Margaret Sanger, not Confederate memorabilia. While blacks want all memories of the Confederacy removed from sight, it’s the godless doctrine of evolution and the racist origin of Planned Parenthood that are a greater danger

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30 May 2015

Forced Gay Cake Baking Now Forced Abortion Counseling

Abortionists have always claimed that they are about choice. It’s not the “Pro-Abortion Movement,” they keep telling us; it’s the euphemistic “Pro-Choice Movement.” Except when it isn’t. For years the pro-abortionists have attacked crisis pregnancy centers. They compete against unborn baby killing centers called abortion “clinics.” The abortionists are not

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24 Apr 2015

ACLU Wants to Force Catholic Charities to Kill Unborn Babies

Reproductive freedom is a euphemism for child murder. Being “pro-choice” means being pro-abortion and ignores the choice of the innocent unborn child being killed. Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with parenthood. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a well thought out euphemism for oppression since the organization is selective

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24 Mar 2015

Ted Cruz Gets Big Negative Endorsements from Gov. Jerry Brown and Planned Parenthood

California Gov. Jerry Brown and Planned Parenthood endorsed Ted Cruz for President by opposing him. Sen. Cruz should wear the opposition endorsements as badges as honor. He should speak of these negative endorsements every chance he gets. Instead of dancing around issues like so many Republicans do, Ted Cruz should

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