02 May 2017

Atheists Attack Christianity in Pennsylvania

“A city council in Pennsylvania has unanimously voted to remove a park bench that was meant to honor veterans due to objection from an atheist group regarding a God-centered inscription on the display that is attributed to the state’s founder.” (Christian News) While there is no constitutional prohibition, either at

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03 Aug 2015

Atheists Get Slapped Down in Pennsylvania Ten Commandments Case

“A federal judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out a lawsuit challenging the presence of a Ten Commandments monument at a local high school, declaring that the complainants have not suffered injury from the display.” That’s hardly a good argument. “Plaintiffs … have failed to establish that they were forced to

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03 Sep 2014

Pennsylvania Town Wants to Outlaw the Right to Choose

No, I’m not talking about abortion. I’m talking about businesses that are being harassed by liberal ideologues who want to force their belief system on anybody they disagree with on what topic. Liberals love freedom of choice when it comes to killing unborn babies, but try proposing school choice and

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21 Mar 2014

Tea Party Candidate Scott Wagner Beats Democrat and Republican by Wide Margin

A political tidal wave just hit in Pennsylvania. When’s the last time a write-in candidate won an election? It doesn’t happen very often. But it happened in the Keystone State – for the first time. Will the establishment Republicans in other states take notice? Tea Party candidate Scott Wagner won a

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11 Mar 2014

Valerie Gatto, Conceived in Rape, Crowned Miss Pennsylvania

Pro-abortionists like to appeal to the hard cases when it comes to legalizing abortion. They’ll ask, “What about a baby conceived because of rape? This is why we need to legalize abortion.” So for something that happens in rare cases, as evil as the act is, we should legalize abortion

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01 Jan 2014

Why I’m Going to be More Like Walter White in 2014 and Why You Should Too

Spoilers ahead. No, I’m not going to cook meth in 2014. If you have not seen AMC’s Breaking Bad, let me give you a very brief introduction. Walter White is an under-fulfilled high school chemistry teacher who learns that he has cancer. When he dies, he will leave a wife

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01 Nov 2013

It’s Not “In God We Trust” but “In Government We Trust”

Pennsylvania lawmaker Republican Rep. Rick Saccone is calling for “In God We Trust,” the same motto on the nation’s currency, to be placed on prominent display at all of the schools in the state. The bill has already passed the House Education Committee, 14 to9” It’s being called the “National

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15 Apr 2013

The Ten Commandments, Moral Anarchy, and the Secular State

Another Ten Commandments display has been removed from another school, and a nation is shocked when it reads stories about young people raping classmates and murdering school children and its government passing thousands of page of new laws and regulations that will trample on our basic liberties. Should we be

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