25 Feb 2018

Kid With ‘Pop-Tart Gun’ Taken More Seriously Than Cruz Who Said He Wanted To be A ‘Professional School Shooter’

Only in Leftist America can an organization like the NRA be blamed for something that it had no part in. How is it possible that an advocacy and lobbying group that works to defend an amendment to the Constitution is attacked for what some 19-year-old mentally disturbed and frequently reported

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05 Oct 2017

More than 100 million gun owners did not kill anyone today, but abortion “doctors” did

While Congress is debating whether gun “bump-firre stocks” (that can make a semi-automatic rifle automatic) should be banned, each and every day in the United States abortion “doctors” kill unborn babies. It’s a law that Congress does little to fix. These “holier than thou” representatives of the people who took an

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04 Nov 2015

NRA Calls Out President Obama in Powerful New Video

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre has taken the fight to President Obama on the his call for more gun laws in a new video. LaPierre makes it clear that all the laws that are necessary to stop gun violence are already on the books. The truth is, President Obama has no

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21 Oct 2015

Liberals See Immigration as a Way to Abolish the Second Amendment

The long-term effects of immigration — legal and illegal — could have disastrous consequences. First, soccer would become the national past time. Second, the Second Amendment would be abolished: “Mass immigration from the Third World would destroy the NRA and ultimately the Second Amendment, a Washington Post op-ed declares, as

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12 Oct 2015

Charlton Heston: “Political Correctness is Tyranny with Manners”

While doing some research for an article on the Ten Commandments display in Oklahoma, I came across the following comments in a Wikipedia article on Charlton Heston (1923-2008) who starred in the 1956 film The Ten Commandments. They were prescient. Unlike so many Republicans today, Heston wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

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27 May 2014

Did Liberal Death and Sex Culture Create Elliot Rodger?

My heart goes out to the innocent victims who were murdered by a privileged white kind who couldn’t get a girl to sleep with him. A parent of one of the victims blamed the murder of his son on guns and the NRA. The guns didn’t kill anybody. The person

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17 Apr 2014

Michael Bloomberg is Spending $50 Million to Stop NRA

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may not be mayor of NY anymore, but he hasn’t stopped trying to be a major political force. His latest adventure into trying to force his opinions on the rest of America is a frontal assault on the Second Amendment. He’s putting up $50 million to bring

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25 Mar 2014

Georgia Passes Historic Gun Rights Bill

I shoot my Samick takedown recurve bow in my front yard and practice with my hand guns and other weapons in the woods behind me, and I live on a fairly busy street not far from a major high school and middle school. The police station is a half-mile from

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16 Jan 2014

Harvey Weinstein Wants to Destroy the NRA and Leave Us Unprotected

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein announced on Howard Stern’s radio show that he wants to destroy the National Rifle Association. Weinstein told Stern, “I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll tell it to you, Howard, I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we’re going to take this head-on. And

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19 Sep 2013

Woman Watched Her Parents Die in a Gun-Free Zone

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz published an open letter that ask customers not to “bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas,” thus wanting to create a “gun-free zone.” Will evil people who want to harm others care? Criminals pursue the easiest targets. A gun-free zone is an easy target.

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21 Aug 2013

Former Australian Official Blames Murder on the NRA

As expected, to deflect attention away from the real story behind the murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane by three young thugs, some liberal pundits are blaming the NRA and a lack of “gun control” in the United States. Even the former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer is

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07 May 2013

Liberal Commentator Wrong that Abortion Rights Movement is the “NRA of the Left”

Kirsten Powers is a liberal Democrat who is pro-life. Writing for The Daily Beast website, Powers “made a shocking comparison – legislatively speaking – concerning the Gosnell trial and the abortion rights movement in her [May 6th] column” that the Abortion Rights Movement “has become ‘the NRA of the left.’”

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17 Jan 2013

Tyrants Using Children as Props and Propaganda

President Obama surrounded himself with children as he issued a series of Executive Actions to stop gun violence, none of which will actually stop anybody hell-bent on murdering. If you can’t make your case without props, then you don’t have a case to make. Politicians are mostly about theater. The

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16 Jan 2013

The Most Pro-Gun Low-Crime City in the United States

The anti-Second Amendment crowd is on the warpath again. PBS’ Bill Moyers, who served as White House Press Secretary in the Lyndon Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967, called the NRA “the enabler of death.” 65 million other gun owners in the United States didn’t kill anybody yesterday. I live

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10 Jan 2013

The NRA Got Harry Reid Re-Elected

There was a good chance of getting rid of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in 2010 until Wayne LaPierre of the NRA descended on Nevada and endorsed the liberal stalwart. Reid used a lot of tax-payer money to build a state-of-the-art gun range in Nevada, the Clark County Shooting Park. Why

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22 Dec 2012

Would You Spend $20 a Month to Keep Your Child Safe?

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said at a Washington press event. He went on to say, “With all the money in the federal budget can’t we afford to put

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21 Dec 2012

Anti-Gun Advocates are Out for Blood

One would think that people who are opposed to gun ownership would be a peaceful lot. Well, you would be wrong. Let’s get something straight. Guns are already regulated in America. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of laws on the books, just like there are probably thousands of laws against

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18 Dec 2012

Stop Trying to Reason with Anti-Gun Advocates

The anti-gun advocates are out in force. These are probably the same people that own a gun or hire bodyguards with guns to protect them. Even if a law is passed outlawing gun ownership, most gun owners will disobey the law. Criminals will find a way to buy guns like

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