02 Nov 2018

Bad Meme ‘Logic’ on Full Display

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will also be like him. Answer a fool as his folly deserves, that he not be wise in his own eyes” (Prov. 26:4–5). Logical thinking is rare these days. Most schools don’t often teach courses in critical thinking. A

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10 Oct 2017

The Political Left is Falling Apart and the Republicans Aren’t taking Advantage of It

Everywhere you turn, Leftism is crumbling. Leftism’s advocates have been pushing the extremes of their positions and the American people have taken notice and responded well. A majority of people do not like multi-millionaire athletes ruining the sport of football with their protests. As I’ve written elsewhere, they have every

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28 Sep 2017

If You Want to Protest Something, Use Your Own Dime and Time

The other night, my wife and I went to see a protection of The King and I at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. I would have been ticked off if the actors had decided to make some political statement — Left or Right — before, during, or after the show.

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27 Sep 2017

You Aren’t Qualified to Hold Public Office If You Don’t Know What the First Amendment Means

“They have a right to protest” is the new Leftist narrative. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee “took a knee for the First Amendment.” Who’s denying that people have a right to protest? Who’s against Free Speech? (Actually, liberals are, but that’s a different story for another time.) Everyone has a right

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26 Sep 2017

Here’s What NFL and NBA Multi-Millionaires Should be Protesting and Doing

Let’s get a few things straight. Telling an employee that he or she can’t do something while on the job is not a violation of his or her First Amendment rights. It wouldn’t be censorship if the NFL came out with a ruling that mandated the following: “There will not

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28 Aug 2015

Dog Killer Michael Vick Gets More Bad Press than Planned Parenthood

Michael Vick is back in the news. He’s been signed to a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a backup to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The announcement was protested, ironically, on National Dog Day. Michael Vick was nearly banned from professional football because of his treatment of dogs. “Vick pleaded

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12 Sep 2014

Wife-Beating Video of Ray Rice OK but Not Pictures of Aborted Babies

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon when I heard a caller make an excellent point. He wondered why it was OK and necessary to show Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice punching his wife Janay Palmer Rice and knocking her out, but it was wrong to show pictures of aborted

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12 May 2014

I Won’t Apologize for Being Born White

There’s a new fascist trend in America. It’s called the “UnFair Campaign” that attacks a thing called white privilege. If you’re white, there are certain privileges that come with it and as a result being white is unfair to people who aren’t white. I assume there’s China privilege in China

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12 May 2014

Welcome to the New Public Man-On-Man Sex NFL

For the first time in sports history, what type of sex a player engages in has become a major news story and supposedly a grand step forward in the develop of male sports. I wonder what’s next. Give me a freaking break. To celebrate being drafted by the St. Louis

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09 Apr 2014

Hank Aaron Says Republicans are Like the KKK but with ‘Neckties and Starched Shirts’ Instead of Hoods

Hank Aaron is a baseball icon. Forty years ago he broke Babe Ruth’s all-time homerun record of 714. He ended his career with a total of 755. Barry Bonds surpassed Aaron’s record with a total of 762. Since there are claims that Bonds was “juiced,” the record is viewed as

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10 Feb 2014

More Athletes Can’t Stop Telling Us Who They’re Having Sex With

Another athlete has told the world that he has sex with other men. What compels some people to reveal such things? Why is it almost always only about sex? The latest athlete to inform us who he’s having sex with is Missouri All-American Michael Sam. “The 255-pound Sam participated in

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10 Dec 2012

NFL Players Explain Democrat Taxing Policies

While all the media attention has been focused on Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend and his own suicide and the supposed NFL gun culture, there was an interesting article in USA Today that helps to put the present dependency culture in perspective. What does NFL players owning guns have

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03 Oct 2012

‘Gay’ Marriage Debate Hits the NFL

Is nothing sacred anymore? Must professional sports be infected by the push and pull of politics? Can’t football players just play the game and keep their opinions to themselves? There’s a battle being fought over homosexual marriage. Yes, professional football players have a right to voice their opinions, but can’t

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20 Aug 2012

Whites Need Not Apply for Reasons of ‘Diversity’

Not much is said about reverse discrimination. There was the 1978 Bakke case where the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional Medical School at the University of California at Davis to set aside 16 of 100 seats for non-white students. The non-white set asides was justified to create “diversity

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23 Mar 2012

Was Tim Tebow Traded Because of His Religion and Could He File a Religious Discrimination Suit with the EEOC?

Generally I wouldn’t comment on football trades, but the Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets caught my attention. About three years ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sent a threatening letter to one of the companies I run accusing it of religious discrimination. We had advertised for

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05 Mar 2012

NFL Reschedules to Make Room for Obama Speech

The National Football League is supposed to be about football. That’s all Americans want it to be. Football is about escape from the mundane. It’s a time to kick back, enjoy friends, overeat, and generally over indulge because we know that come Monday, the drudgery of work, media assault on

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15 Dec 2011

Rabbi Claims Tebow-Mania Might Lead to Mosque Burnings

Tim Tebow attacks have gotten out of hand. It started when the Christian group Focus on the Family ran an ad during the Super Bowl that featured Tim and his mother Pam. Here’s what it said: PAM TEBOW: I call him my miracle baby. He almost didn’t make it into

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