03 Jun 2015

Vince Vaughn Slaps Down Anti-Gun Crowd

Will Vince Vaughn ever work in Hollywood again? His comments about the Second Amendment and gun ownership have gone viral. Geraldo Rivera likened Vaughn’s comments in British GQ to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Here’s what Vaughn said: “I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just

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18 Nov 2014

Liberal Gun Control Hypocrites Who Use Guns

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was (and probably is now) surrounded by armed guards for his protection. President Obama has the Secret Service to protect him (although they don’t seem to be doing a good job at the White House). Sports and movie stars hire bodyguards to protect them

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29 Apr 2014

Anti-Gun Michael Bloomberg Has Armed Guards

Former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $50 million to oppose the NRA. More restrictions on guns only make it easier for lawless people to take advantage of law-abiding citizens. As Mr. Bloomberg travels around the country trying to amend the Second Amendment through legislation, he is accompanied by armed

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17 Apr 2014

Michael Bloomberg is Spending $50 Million to Stop NRA

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may not be mayor of NY anymore, but he hasn’t stopped trying to be a major political force. His latest adventure into trying to force his opinions on the rest of America is a frontal assault on the Second Amendment. He’s putting up $50 million to bring

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06 Mar 2014

Harry Reid Must Have Been High on Coke During His Koch Brothers Rant

Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor to denounce the Koch Brothers. He claimed that Republicans are “high on Koch” claiming falsely (naturally) that the only big political donors come from conservatives. A list put out by OpenSecrets.org has a list of the 156 “Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014.” The

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01 Feb 2014

What Amnesty is Really All About

It’s that time again; time for Democrats and Republicans once again to lie about how much we need a new immigration bill. Already, there is nothing new. It is the same old tired argument that poor immigrants are hiding in the shadows and just want to come into the light,

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09 Sep 2013

Bloomberg Pulls Race Card on Candidate Who’s Married to a Black Woman

Outgoing New York City Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg “is saying the leading Democratic candidate to replace him is running a ‘racist’ campaign.” Bloomberg is a Republican in name only. He is left-of-center of many Democrats. He knows the race-card charge works. You don’t have to argue, present facts, or debate;

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29 Jan 2013

Why There Won’t Be Gun Confiscation in America

When some loudmouth spouted off about how he was going to do so-and-so to this guy or that guy, a guy who was really tough would often say, “You and who else?” or “You and what army?” An opposing force is only as effective as its ability to win battles.

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18 Dec 2012

Stop Trying to Reason with Anti-Gun Advocates

The anti-gun advocates are out in force. These are probably the same people that own a gun or hire bodyguards with guns to protect them. Even if a law is passed outlawing gun ownership, most gun owners will disobey the law. Criminals will find a way to buy guns like

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16 Oct 2012

NY Mayor Bloomberg Puts Big Money Behind Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

You remember Michael Bloomberg. He’s the busy-body mayor of New York City. He’s also the guy who wants to ban oversized soft drinks. Consider this from the mayor. Now he’s in the sex business: “I do not believe that government has any business telling one class of couples that they

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25 Aug 2012

Did Targeting the 1% by Occupy Wall Street Movement Lead to NY Shootings?

Ever since the Oklahoma City bombings, liberals have been claiming that right-wing rhetoric leads some to aggressive and sometimes violent action against people. Talk radio and anti-homosexual and anti-abortion messages have been blamed for the shooting of Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, abortion doctors, and bullying of homosexuals. The Southern Poverty Law

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25 Jul 2012

NY Mayor Wants Cops to go on Strike Until Guns are Outlawed

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is surrounded by armed guards for his protection. President Obama has the Secret Service to protect him. Sports and movie stars hire bodyguards to protect them from adoring fans and crazy stalkers. Bloomberg told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he doesn’t “understand why police officers across

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20 Jul 2012

Will the Government Pass Laws Requiring Exercise?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves us. He wants us to be healthy. So he’s taken it upon himself to pass laws to stop people from eating too much salt, trans fats, and big sugary drinks. He believes these new laws will make a difference. Of course, they might, but

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11 Jun 2012

Liberals Think Americans are Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

There’s a scene in the film adaptation of John Grishman’s novel The Rainmaker where a letter is read at trial that was written by the vice president of the claims department of the Great Benefit Insurance Company to the mother of a child who was dying from Leukemia and needed

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11 Jun 2012

Liberalism is Designed to Enslave Us by Claiming to Save Us from Ourselves

As I was channel surfing the other day and came across the film I, Robot (2004). I’ve seen the film at least ten times. It’s a marvelous commentary on the evils of political paternalism. One of my favorite scenes is when V.I.K.I., the super computer that runs every other computer

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08 Jun 2012

The Diet Nazis Want to be Your ‘Big Father’

They started with salt and transfat. Now they’re going after 16-ounce drinks, but it won’t stop there. You can count on it. Prohibition didn’t work, and neither does the “war on drugs.” So don’t expect banning certain foods or large portions will make a dent in the battle over obesity.

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01 Jun 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Wants to “Force You to Understand” Sugary Drinks are Evil. What’s Next?

Politics is getting more bizarre. Michael Bloomberg, the dictator of New York City, is proposing a ban on certain sugary drinks in restaurants, movie theaters, food carts, and concession stands of a particular size. He and his fellow food Nazis want to combat obesity. My wife and I went to

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20 Mar 2012

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and His Food Task Force Stop Donations to the Homeless

How many times have you heard government officials say that we need government funding to help the poor? You would think that anyone donating food to homeless shelters would be appreciated by any city government. Not so the city of New York. For over a decade, Glenn Richter and his

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