22 Mar 2014

Did Scientists Really Discover Big Bang Origin?

I’m always skeptical when a group of scientists claim that they found the pin-point of the cosmos that they say happened 13.8 billion years ago. Scientists still don’t know how the Pyramids were built and we still have the Pyramids to study. But scientists know what happened 13.8 billion years

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13 Mar 2014

The Religion of Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ Has Come Back to Television

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is hosting the new 13-part Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey television series. Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind the animated TV series Family Guy and and the film Ted produced the Cosmos reboot for Fox. Cosmos: A Personal Journey originally premiered on PBS and was hosted by the late

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30 Aug 2013

Pseudo-Scientists Tell Us We’re Probably Martians

We may be Martians. Men (and also women) are really from Mars. For nearly two centuries scientists have been trying to explain the origin of life. The late Francis A. Schaeffer once said that the dilemma for the materialist is that something is here rather than nothing, and he can’t

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05 Jun 2012

‘Prometheus’: Did God or Aliens Create the Human Race?

Ridley Scott’s film Prometheus hits theaters Friday, June 8. It has the feel of a prequel to his Alien trilogy movies. The premise of the film is simple: “[A]n Earth-based crew is sent on a long journey to a near-by star system to explore a planet believed to host an

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