18 Jan 2019

Leftists Are After You and Your Children and There’s No Place to Hide

Don’t think the Constitution will protect you. It won’t. Don’t think the courts will defend you. They won’t. The Democrat Party has gone so far Left that the Constitution has become political toilet paper. They only use it when it’s to their advantage. Here’s what their latest political savior has said about it. In

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27 Feb 2017

The New York Times is Now Concerned about ‘Truth’

The New York Times aired a television ad during this year’s Academy Award Ceremony Sunday night. The ad focuses on the “truth.” The New York Times considers itself the paper of record on the issues of the day and carries the following line that appears in the upper left-hand corner

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30 Nov 2015

Why Weren’t Any PP Employees Shot at PP Facility if the Shooter Was after PP?

At this point in time we do not know if the Colorado shooter targeted the Planned Parenthood facility because of its abortion practices. We’re getting conflicting reports. Some reports have the shooter using the PP facility for cover after a botched bank robbery. CNN and other media outlets are reporting that

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06 Feb 2015

How We Are Being Duped by the Brian Williams ‘Apology’

Carl Becker wrote, “One of the first duties of a man is not to be duped.” The Brian Williams apology tour (or non-apology as some claim)1 will be reimaged to mean that only one lie had been told by one journalist. Every other journalist has always told the truth. One

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09 Nov 2012

Where’s Obama As “Despair Deepens” for Victims of Hurricane Sandy?

I was shocked by reports that President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy helped him get elected. Are they that fickled, naïve, and intellectually shallow? I don’t believe his response to the Hurricane made a bit of difference to these voters. The people who claimed that this was one of the

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27 Oct 2011

The Myth of Liberal Media Objectivity

This story on the News Busters‘ website caught my attention: CNN’s Carol Costello, on Thursday’s American Morning, scolded the editor of conservative publication Human Events for not providing the same critical coverage of both Republicans and Democrats. Costello – who has her own history of liberal bias – interviewed Jason

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04 Oct 2011

‘All the News WE Say Is Fit To Print’

The New York Times is known by the slogan and masthead logo as “All The News That’s Fit To print.” A more accurate slogan would be, “all the news we say is fit to print.” But even this isn’t quite right. For the Times and every other newspaper and magazine,

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