03 Mar 2018

Have you Heard About the Four Boxes of Liberty that Liberals Hate?

The more I read about Frederick Douglass, the more I like him. His white master’s wife taught him to read. A literate slave was a danger to the institution of slavery, especially when a literate slave read the Bible and understood its message that the spirit and the body are

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15 Dec 2017

College Professor Wants Racist ‘Jingle Bells’ Song Banned. Let’s not forget ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Black Friday.’

A Boston University professor claims Jingle Bells has racist origins.

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22 Dec 2015

College Students Want ‘White Christmas’ Song Banned because It’s ‘Racist’

The latest descent into college absurdity are protestations of singing the 1942 Irving Berlin song “White Christmas,” the bestselling recording of all time with more than 150 million copies to its credit. Dan Joseph “presented some college students with a petition urging radio stations to stop playing the holiday classic ‘White Christmas’

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10 Mar 2015

3 Meals a Day is Racist and So is Everything Else

You’ve probably seen the article on how eating three meals a day is racist. What isn’t these days? Speaking about his departure from his Department of Justice position, Eric Holder said that young people should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (who was murdered by blacks). I read it as a

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08 Dec 2014

Are White Boards and Black Fridays Racist?

The easiest way to win a bad argument is to pull the race card. It’s like wearing the Scarlet Letter, but in this case it’s an ‘R’ rather than an ‘A.’ The latest descent into absurdity is protestations of singing the 1942 Irving Berlin song “White Christmas,” the bestselling recording

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06 Aug 2013

Oprah, Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, and Malcolm X

I suspect that most people who are reading this don’t know anything about Emmett Till. Till was 14 years old when he was set upon by a group of whites and savagely beaten to death. His “crime”? He was flirting with a white girl. In an interview, Oprah said, “In

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27 Sep 2011

In the Black: Some People Only See Race

The Associated Press is being called “racist” because it published President Obama’s comments to the Congressional Black Caucus just the way he said it. “On MSNBC, the African-American author Karen Hunter complained the news service transcribed Obama’s speech without cleaning it up as other outlets did — specifically including the

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