25 Mar 2019

Anti-Christian Haters Attack Chick-fil-A (Again) and Liberty University’s Basketball Team

You can’t say a word against Muslim extremists who are killing Christians by the dozens every day in many parts of the world. You can’t refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding without being dragged into court. But it’s OK to refuse Chick-fil-A from opening one of its

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29 Nov 2012

Hobby Lobby Takes on the Obama Administration and the Federal Government

As you probably know, ObamaCare mandates are going to hit employers with 50 or more employees. A number of businesses have gotten exemptions. Many, maybe even all, of them are most likely political in nature. It’s the Santa Clause Effect: I’ll do you a favor if you do one for

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23 Apr 2012

Here’s Another Reason Why Mitt Romney Will Most Likely Lose in November

Mitt Romney has RomneyCare, flip flopping, and a lack of true conservative convictions to contend with in his attempt to win over conservative and evangelical voters. It doesn’t help that he succumbs to the latest liberal political fads – the support of homosexual relationships, and this from a man who’s

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21 Mar 2012

The Intolerant Left Wants Christian University Out of Their Town

There’s a 217-acre college campus with 43 buildings in Northfield, Massachusetts, that is vacant. Hobby Lobby, a craft-store chain set about to repair the facility, pouring millions of dollars into the project, so it can give it away to a reliable Christian organization that has the financial backing to take

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18 Nov 2011

Liberty University OKs Concealed Guns on Campus

Liberty University has “enacted a policy allowing visitors, students and staff who have concealed weapons permits to carry guns on campus.” The policy replaces an earlier provision that is common to most colleges and universities of a complete ban of firearms on university grounds. Students can’t even keep a firearm

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