25 Aug 2015

Thousands Rally in Support of Kentucky Clerk and Religious Liberty

On Saturday, thousands rallied at the Kentucky Capitol in support of Kim Davis and other Kentucky clerks who are standing on their deeply held religious beliefs and refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. While the Lexington Herald-Leader reported the crowd at 2,500, others in attendance said the crowd was at least 7,000

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30 Apr 2015

Largest Hispanic Evangelical Organization Says No to Same-Sex Marriage

We’ve seen that blacks and Hispanics are not getting behind the cultural and moral shift on same-sex marriage. When same-sex marriage is put to a vote at the state level, even in liberal California, same-sex marriage is voted down. It’s rogue and lawless judges have overturned the wise counsel of

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21 Jan 2012

Are We Seeing the End of the Christian Right?

“When Mark Twain was in London, a rumor of his death or imminent death reached the editor of the New York Journal, who sent its London correspondent the following cablegrams: ‘IF MARK TWAIN [IS] DYING IN POVERTY IN LONDON SEND 500 WORDS’ and ‘IF MARK TWAIN HAS DIED IN POVERTY

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07 Dec 2011

Men May be Lurking in Women’s Dressing Rooms at Macy’s

If you shop at Macy’s, you may want to look twice, maybe three times, before entering a dressing room or rest room. It seems that Macy’s has succumbed to the most outrageous form of political correctness and gender bending. So-called transgendered people – male to female and female to male

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