29 Apr 2014

Anti-Gun Michael Bloomberg Has Armed Guards

Former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $50 million to oppose the NRA. More restrictions on guns only make it easier for lawless people to take advantage of law-abiding citizens. As Mr. Bloomberg travels around the country trying to amend the Second Amendment through legislation, he is accompanied by armed

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11 Mar 2014

FCC Tries to Block Black Conservative Armstrong Williams in TV Station Fight

First it was the IRS attacking Tea Party Groups. Now we’re learning that the FCC may be doing a similar thing to black conservatives who are trying to get a foothold in media markets like television. Liberals know that there are no media gatekeepers con the internet. The only way

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08 Oct 2012

Liberals Still Can’t Believe Obama Lost Debate

Halloween (not Holloween) season is upon us. You can smell it in the air and see it in the trees. There’s also the prime indicator of the season of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins by the fright-fest-films that TCM is showing this month. But there’s another indicator that the All Hallows’

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17 Jan 2012

‘I Was a Teenage Janitor and Cleaner of Pots and Pans’

If you are anywhere near my age, you will remember the 1957 teenage horror films I Was A Teenage Frankenstein and  I Was a Teenage Werewolf, that starred Michael Landon of Little House on the Prairie fame. Well, I was a teenage custodian and cleaner of pots and pans, and

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