11 Oct 2019

JFK Could Not Win the Democrat Nomination for President

There was a time when Democrats believed in tax cuts. Unfortunately, like many Republicans and most Democrats, there are still too many taxes, too much spending, and ever-expanding governmental control and overreach. Since the time of JFK’s presidency, the growth of government has been staggering with new departments siphoning off more

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11 Jul 2017

Liberal Elitist Says Conservatives Should Admire Elites and You’re An Idiot if You Don’t

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens wrote an article that was published on Independence Day where he described Donald Trump’s supporters as “idiots” who should “admire” elites. Of course, Stephens is one of the elites we should admire otherwise how would we know who to support if he weren’t elitist

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13 Aug 2014

Building in NJ Named after JFK to be Named after Barack Obama

Personally, I don’t anything about the names of buildings. If local residents want to rename a building after Barack Obama, as some in a town in NJ want to do, I’m fine with it as long as it doesn’t cost me any money. The thing of it is, the name

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09 Aug 2014

How We Got Here: From World War I to Today

The twentieth century began on an optimistic note but quickly lost its idealism as war engulfed the world. World War I “shattered much of Europe’s already fading optimism, and the advent of Nazis and fascists shook men’s confidence in their present and their past.”1 Despite a bloody world war, belief

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27 Aug 2013

Miley Cyrus and When Perversion Was Done Behind Closed Doors

Miley Cyrus is getting the attention she wanted. No one doubts that people do perverted things. Since time immemorial sinners and saints alike have done in private that they would not dare do in public. People think before they speak, hold back anger when they would like to retaliate, and

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26 Feb 2012

Santorum is Right on JFK and Separation of Church and State

On February 26th, Rick Santorum defended a statement he made last October in which he said that he “almost threw up” when he read John F. Kennedy’s 1960 Houston address on the role of religion in public life. As a presidential candidate Kennedy gave a major speech to the Greater

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13 Nov 2011

Stephen King on Assassinating Presidents

Stephen King is known as the “King of Horror.” I’m not much of a fan. As of 2011, King has written and published 49 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, five non-fiction books, and nine collections of short stories. Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile are two

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