01 Nov 2013

Prisons and Slavery are Also Ways to Combat Hunger and Food Insecurity

Liberals (and conservatives) say the dumbest things. The latest comes from White House spokesman Jay Carney. The topic was cuts in SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: “These cuts come at a time when many hardworking American families are still struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the

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13 May 2013

Why Republicans Won’t Get any Political Traction on Benghazi

If anything happens over Benghazi, Obama won’t be touched, Hillary will get a pass, and the Republicans won’t get any political traction because they’re a party without ideas. A front page, above the fold article in USA Today confirmed it for me. “Jodi Arias guilty of murder.” A second article

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26 Oct 2012

Is “Shuck and Jive” Racist? Only if You’re a Conservative?

If you are not a native English speaker, learning English can be terribly difficult since it’s a language made up of many languages. Words and phrases that were unique to one culture have become part of the English language – everything from the French bon appetite to slang like “bling,”

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03 Nov 2011

Obama Says God Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Bill

Finally, I found something on which I can agree with the President. The following comments were in front of the Key Bridge, which spans Arlington, Va. and Washington. The President urged Congress to pass the infrastructure piece of his jobs plan: “If Congress tells you they don’t have time, they

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