23 Apr 2020

‘Homeschoolers are only good for cleaning toilets’

Homeschooling is in the news. Because of the Coronavirus, the schools are shut down and parents must now homeschool their children. Long before this happened, a number of radical Leftists teaching at some of our nation’s most “prestigious” educational institutions, are calling for the elimination of homeschooling or severely regulating

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22 Apr 2020

Leftists Want to Stamp Out Homeschooling

You may not have seen the article in Harvard Magazine with the title “The Risks of Homeschooling” written by Erin O’Donnell. Risks to whom? Risks to the Messianic State. There can’t be any competition with the State and its total-control agenda by any other government, including the family, and the

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25 May 2018

Homeschooling Growing in the Former Soviet Union

The educational system in the United States has been-opted by Leftists, from kindergarten to the university system. It didn’t just start in 1962 and 1963 when Bible reading and prayer were taken out of public schools. The takeover began many years before. The American people bought into the too-good-to-be-true claim that

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17 Jul 2015

How to Beat the State, the Bureaucrats, and the IRS

There is no need for government schools. In fact, government (public) schools are our nation’s biggest enemy. They are liberalism’s false churches with their own priesthood and sacred texts. Education is where the power is. Government schools feed the law schools, and the law schools feed Congress and the courts.

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19 Jan 2015

Insane and Frightening Reason Why Police take Children from Parents

The overreach of the government is in the news again. Instead of going after terrorists and spending time tracking down known criminals, the state of Arkansas is harassing a family with seven children who homeschool and have never had a run in with the law – not even a speeding

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13 Jan 2015

Virginia Homeschooling Kids Required to Defend Religious Beliefs

Homeschooling is a liberty issue and not exclusively a religious issue. Christians make a big mistake when they argue that because of their religious beliefs they should be exempt from what amounts to government tyranny for everybody. This happened in the Hobby lobby contraception case. Nobody should be forced to

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29 Sep 2014

Sandy Hook Murders Blamed on Homeschooling

“[A] state commission of 16 educators, local and state officials and behavioral experts assembled by Gov. Dannel Malloy after the tragedy has [sic] a game plan to prevent future occurrences. Monitor homeschoolers.” Let me see if I understand this. The vast majority of school shootings and acts of violence have

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16 Aug 2014

Homeschool Haters Hijack Dictionary.Com Website

For all their talk about diversity, liberals hate people who believe and act in a way that is different from liberal “values.” They hate any competing worldview they can’t control, define, and manipulate. So it’s not surprising that many liberals hate homeschooling, charter schools, vouchers, and school choice. Some countries

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15 Aug 2014

Should the Bible be Taught in Public Schools?

For some time a number of people and influential groups have been working to get the Bible and prayer reintroduced into public schools. William Jeynes, senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute and an education professor at California State University, presented “Putting the Bible and Prayer Back in the Public Schools”

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21 Feb 2014

The Real Reason Why Obama Won’t Help Romeike Homeschool Family

Why are the Democrats and President Obama pushing so hard to legalize tens of millions of illegal aliens and at the same time want to send back the German homeschool family back to Germany to face possible imprisonment and the loss of their children? “The Romeike family, who are evangelical Christians,

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01 Nov 2013

It’s Not “In God We Trust” but “In Government We Trust”

Pennsylvania lawmaker Republican Rep. Rick Saccone is calling for “In God We Trust,” the same motto on the nation’s currency, to be placed on prominent display at all of the schools in the state. The bill has already passed the House Education Committee, 14 to9” It’s being called the “National

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03 Sep 2013

Nazi Education Laws Still Rule Germany and America is Not Far Behind

You’ve most likely read the story about a German homeschooling family that was accosted by armed German policemen. Their children were taken from them for the crime of teaching their own children in their own home. Most certainly the crime of the century. You can kill your children before their

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02 Mar 2013

It’s OK to Kill Your Children but Not Educate Them

A number of countries are clamping down on family education of children, better known as homeschooling. Parents decide to educate their children in the home instead of sending them off to a government institution or a private school that must adhere to specific state educational guidelines. Free-sex Sweden is notorious

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