28 Apr 2014

Hillary Clinton Turns to Jesus to Promote the Welfare State

Liberals love the Bible when they can turn it into Silly Putty. They can find support for every leftist doctrine as long as they skip words, read verses out of context, and read their own views into specific texts. Even the Devil quoted the Bible (Matt. 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13), so

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07 Mar 2014

Where Did Girl Who Sued Her Parents Get the Idea?

How would like a child like this as reported in The Blaze?: New Jersey high school senior Rachel Canning is suing her parents for support and college tuition, claiming they kicked her out of the house. Rachel Canning’s parents say she left their home last year of her own accord,

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31 Oct 2013

Obama Lied Because People are Stupid and Need Government to be Their Parent

Yes, Obama lied, but that’s OK! Have you read how nearly everybody in the media and among Democrats are making excuses for President Obama about his promise that we could keep our insurance if we want to? It’s insane, but expected. Some have argued that Obama needed to lie in

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07 Feb 2013

Obama as God and Father of the Nation

Worshiping political leaders is not a new thing. From the Egyptians and the Romans to Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong the citizenry were called on to worship their leaders.  Dominus et Deus Noster, “Our Lord and God” was attributed to the Roman emperor to Domitian, who served as Emperor from AD

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04 Apr 2012

Democrats Blackmail Coke and Walmart Over Voter ID Laws

If someone walks into a bank and says, “I’m John Doe and I want to withdraw $10,000 from my account,” I’m sure John Doe would be upset if it wasn’t John Doe who withdrew the money and the teller didn’t ask for identification. Rep. James Clyburn, a Democrat from South

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