01 May 2015

Speaking Out About Islam Could Become Hate Crime

The Trojan horse was used by the Greeks to enter the city of Troy to put an end to a ten-year war. They did it by constructing a huge wooden horse that housed a contingent of soldiers. “The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory

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19 Nov 2014

Great Britain Calling for Knife Control

It had to happen. We’ve been told for decades that gun control has curtailed violence in Great Britain. With no guns around, people who are intent on doing harm are using knives. So, of course, there is no the call for knife control. “The new ‘Save a Life – Surrender

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22 Oct 2014

Christian School Told to Have Muslim Imam Lead Assemblies

“A successful Christian school could face closure for failing to uphold British values,’ The Daily Telegraph has reported.” Sowing the seeds of self-destruction. __________________ Regulators have informed a Christian school that it needs to have a Muslim imam come in to lead assemblies for its students in order to teach

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19 Aug 2014

Teaching of Creation is as Bad as Radical Islam

You can’t fight one brand of extremism with another brand of extremism. Moreover, just because a radical group believes something does not mean that everything the group believes is wrong. For example, Adolf Hitler got behind the “people’s car” project. We know it as the Volkswagen. “In 1933, with many

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24 Mar 2014

Aborted and Miscarried Babies Used to Heat Hospitals in UK

At first I thought it was a tag line for a new horror movie, but as I began to read the article I realized that the story is about what hospitals in Great Britain have been doing with aborted babies. “The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were

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02 Mar 2014

Will China Ban Knives after 33 People Knifed to Death?

The scene must have been horrific. At least 33 people (the number keeps changing) “were killed in a ‘violent terrorist attack’ at a train station in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming by a group of unidentified people brandishing knives, five of whom were shot dead, state media said on

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13 Aug 2011

Gun and Baseball Bat Control in Great Britain

Great Britain has strict gun control laws. Advocates of gun control believe that these laws cut down on violence and crime. Such laws only empower lawbreakers. Gun homicides were low in the United Kingdom even before gun control laws went into effect. This does not mean that there hasn’t been

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