11 Jul 2019

Was George Washington a Christian?

George Washington is getting a bad rap these days. One area where he is often attacked is in his religious convictions. The following is from the Wikipedia article on Washington and religion: George Washington attended the Anglican Church through all of his life, and was baptized as an infant. As a young man

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13 Jun 2019

Oath Taking and Political Subterfuge

We need to stop presidents from taking their constitutional oath with their hand on the Bible, swearing before God that they will uphold the Constitution all the while knowing they won’t. Their campaigns and policies tell us that they will not follow the Constitution to the letter. The Constitution is

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21 Nov 2018

Thanksgiving Proclamations that Leftists and Atheists Love to Hate and Hide

The following Thanksgiving Proclamations demonstrate that while Christianity was not the official religion of the newly formed United States, it was the fundamental belief system of the majority of people. Even those who weren’t professing Christians understood that without God the foundation of government would rest on the whims and

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04 Nov 2017

Does the Bible Condemn Wealthy People?

Writing a daily column for this website is a perilous enterprise. While most of the emails I get in response are complimentary, there are always a few spoilers. One letter writer was stridently opposed to my article on “Let’s Stop Taxing the Rich More in the Name of ‘Fairness.’”I just

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09 May 2017

Atheists and Liberals Go Insane Over Trump’s Executive Order on Religion

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on May 4, the National Day of Prayer, “that allows churches and other religious organizations to become more active politically, according to officials.” While conservatives were hoping for more, atheists and liberal Democrats were hoping for less, except in black churches where Democrats

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26 Nov 2015

Children Being Taught God is Not Part of Thanksgiving

What are children told about Thanksgiving in our nation’s government (public) schools? Who or what are they thanking? Ancient fish that evolutionists claim are our grandmothers? “Grandmother Fish is the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers.” There is no god in the world of evolution. Are children to thank the

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26 Nov 2015

Wait for ‘Crybullies’ to Attack George Washington for Writing This

Will George Washington be next by the “safe space” crybullies on our nation’s University campuses? They’ve already attacked Thomas Jefferson and Woodrow Wilson. What until these crybullies read George Washington’s 1789 “Thanksgiving Proclamation” that describes God as “the Great Lord and Ruler of Nations.” The First Amendment — along with

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25 Nov 2015

Who’s Smarter than a 5th Grader?: Ben Carson or Leftist Journalists

Ben Carson has said some odd things. His Pyramid claim does not fit with the text of Scripture, but it’s not a unique belief. It has some history behind it. His latest historical faux pas (or not) concerns the Constitution and the role Thomas Jefferson did or didn’t play in its

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14 Jul 2015

NAACP Wants to Sandblast Confederate Mount Rushmore

Calls for digging up civil war generals and their wives, removing any symbol of the confederacy, and even painting over the confederate battle emblem on the Dukes of Hazzard show-care the General Lee are gaining steam. It’s all symbol over substance. Not a single black teenager will find a job

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09 Jul 2015

Scientist Attempts to Rewrite America’s Christian History

Jeff Schweitzer is a scientist and former White House Senior Policy Analyst. He holds a Ph.D. in marine biology/neurophysiology. He’s obviously a smart guy, but he needs to spend more time checking out the facts related to Christianity and the founding of America. America did not begin in 1787, and there’s

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31 Jan 2015

Ashley Judd Compares Hillary Clinton to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

In an interview, Ashley Judd said that she loves Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then she went on to say that Mrs. Clinton “might be the most overqualified candidate we’ve had since – you know – Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.” Delusion is a hard thing to shake by the person who

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05 Aug 2014

Texas Official Adds ‘In God We Trust’ and all Hell Breaks Loose

Even though our nation’s motto is ‘In God We Trust,’ Tarrant County tax assessor and collector Ron Wright is being attacked for violating the made up constitutional provision of separating church and state for adding the phrase to his office’s envelopes and tax statements. The ironic part of all of

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28 Apr 2014

Can You Pass this 10-Question Citizenship Test and Spot the Mistake?

It’s no wonder that American politics is a mess. Our schools have done a great job keeping the majority of people politically stupid. It’s not for a lack of intelligence. There are a lot of very bright people who do not know much about how our system of government operates,

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18 Mar 2014

Air Force Academy Cadets Forced to Fight for Freedoms They Don’t Have

When soldiers fought in Afghanistan, they were told to keep their religious views hidden so as not to offend Muslims. Consider this incident from 2009 that got very little media attention compared to the treatment of a Koran by soldiers: “Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that

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25 Feb 2013

Let’s Replace the Tax Code with a National Lottery

The United States has an all-voluntary military, so why not an all-voluntary taxing system? Aren’t liberals all about freedom of choice? Their sloganeering includes the operating premise “My body . . . My choice!” So why not expand the notion of what’s mine you can’t touch to property. “My land

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06 Dec 2012

Atheists Want to Deny Congressmen First Amendment Rights

The American Humanist Association (AHA) is on the religious warpath again. AHA executive director Roy Speckhardt is using Soviet- and Nazi-style tactics against elected officials who want to exercise their First Amendment rights to pray. In fact, even if we did not have a First Amendment, elected officials and everyone else

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11 Oct 2012

Justice Scalia Talks Capital Punishment, Abortion, and Homosexuality

Justice Antonin Scalia says that interpreting the Constitution is easy. Being a “textualist” he interprets the words in the Constitution as they were understood by the people who wrote them. It’s the same with any piece of literature. Supreme Court Justice and constitutional scholar Joseph Story (1779–1845) wrote: “The first

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17 Apr 2012

Here’s Why Some People Should not be Permitted to Vote

George Washington said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” People who vote for a more powerful government are more dangerous than government itself. One way to keep these types of people from voting would

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