23 May 2015

The Big Gay Rights Lie and How America Fell for It

Those of us who have been following the debate over same-sex rights have known for decades that the number of homosexuals was never at the ten percent level. We knew it was around 2.5%. It’s probably less. WND reports: “A just-released Gallup survey says Americans ‘greatly overestimate’ the number of

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11 Mar 2015

Patriotism, Planned Parenthood, and ‘Gay’ Rights at Selma 50 Years Later

A lot has changed in 50 years, and it’s not just the absence of American flags at the latest Selma march. A picture comparing the two marches — 1965 and 2015 — are helpful in understanding what’s happened with race relations in 50 years. It’s no longer about “civil rights”;

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03 Mar 2015

GOP Will Lose Big in 2016 if Jeb Bush is the Candidate

If the GOP establishment was dismayed that 5 million Republicans did not vote in 2012, they’re really going to be depressed when even more stay home if Jeb Bush is at the top of the ticket in 2016. Conservatives who don’t show up at the pools for the the presidential

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11 Feb 2015

Obama Lied About ‘Gay Marriage,’ and He Gets to Keep His Job

Brian Williams has turned out to be a liar. It’s no big surprise. Those in the mainstream media have been lying to us for decades. And if they weren’t outright lying, they covered for other liars. Obamacare was a lie. It’s a wealth redistribution scheme as well as a further

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14 Feb 2014

Is Ignorance of Science a Reason Some People Claim Homosexuality is OK?

When my oldest son was a senior in high school, I was asked to teach a class on Christian worldview and apologetics. It was the first year of operation for the school. Typically a school’s first year includes students from different backgrounds. Since the school is desperate for students in

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10 Feb 2014

More Athletes Can’t Stop Telling Us Who They’re Having Sex With

Another athlete has told the world that he has sex with other men. What compels some people to reveal such things? Why is it almost always only about sex? The latest athlete to inform us who he’s having sex with is Missouri All-American Michael Sam. “The 255-pound Sam participated in

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31 Jan 2014

Football Player Comes Out for Omni-Sexuality and His School Approves

First it was sexual tolerance of homosexuals. Then laws were imposed on all Americans to adopt the notion that homosexuality is normative, and if somebody doesn’t agree with the new legal “morality,” he or she will have to face the full impact of the law. In order to solidify the

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23 Dec 2013

Homophobic: Controlling the Language of a Servile People

Controlling the language is a big part of winning the cultural war. Social Security, Affordable Care Act, Department of Homeland Security, Patriot Act. The list could go on, but you get the idea. Make forced government programs run by millions of government employees with billions of dollars behind them sound

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08 Nov 2013

ENDA Will Put Companies Out of Business and Breed Lawsuits

Being a business owner today is a hazard. There are so many laws and restrictions that it’s getting more difficult to stay in business. There’s a new law coming down the pike — the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) — that’s going to have unforeseen consequences. ENDA is being pushed as

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05 Jun 2013

Homosexual Scouts Will be Sleeping in Your Son’s Tent

The Boy Scouts did it. A majority of the 1,400 members of BSA’s National Council voted to drop the ban on homosexual scouting members.  “The proposal was drafted by the BSA’s governing executive committee and says boys can no longer be excluded from scouting solely on the basis of sexual

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17 Jul 2012

The Boy Scouts Stand Their Ground and Oppose the ‘Gay’ Agenda

For years the Boy Scouts of America has been pressured to allow homosexuals to serve as Scout leaders. After what is described “as a wide-ranging internal review, the century-old organization followed its principles, rejected arguments from pro-homosexual advocates, and reaffirmed its longtime anti-homosexual policy. I suspect that the Jerry Sandusky

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