14 Feb 2018

Don’t Ever Back Down from A Political Fight

Like a trampled spring and a polluted well Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked (Prov. 25:26). One of the things I like about Pres. Trump that he doesn’t back down in a political fight. For decades I’ve watched Republicans back down over policy issues, and Democrats

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10 Aug 2015

Megyn Kelly Compares Herself to Vladimir Putin

Megyn Kelly has responded to criticisms that her question of the GOP candidates in the debate last Thursday were silly, agenda-oriented, and possibly designed to take out Donald Trump. What the other Republican candidates wouldn’t do, Fox was trying to do. Here is Megyn Kelly’s response to the criticism: “We

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30 May 2014

10 Reasons Why Liberals Hate Stacey Dash

Actress Stacey Dash is a new contributor for Fox News. How did this happen? It all started during the 2012 election. “During the 2012 presidential election, Dash received heavy criticism for endorsing Republican candidate Mitt Romney on her personal Twitter account. Since then, she has come under fire for supporting Paula Deen

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16 May 2014

Did 13 Benghazis Happen Under George Bush?

Liberals are still blaming George W. Bush. Of course, he deserves some blame for a number of bad decisions, but he can’t be blamed for everything. The most recent GWB blame meme is the claim that there were 13 Benghazis that happened while he was President. I’ve learned a lot

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17 Jul 2013

Racialists Are Overplaying their Hand and Turning Allies into Enemies

I can understand (sort of) how some blacks are upset with the result of the George Zimmerman trial. I’ve never lived as a black man. Being black, contrary to what homosexuals argue, is not the same as being a homosexual. Blackness is written on the skin; sexual proclivities aren’t. People

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