10 Sep 2018

Jim Carrey Is worth $150 million and Supports Socialism

Once-upon-a-time funny person Jim Carrey says Democrats need to “say yes to socialism.” “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything,” Carrey told Bill Maher. “We have to stop apologizing” for the word and the ideology behind it. The two multi-millionaires must assume that socialism means to be

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03 Jul 2015

Cuban Embargo Helped Those it was Intended to Hurt and Hurt Those it was Intended to Help

In the sequel to the film The Godfather, Michael Corleone travels to Cuba during the pre-Castro, pre-Cuban embargo days to finalize some “business” deals with Hyman Roth(stein). “All reports were enthusiastically optimistic,” Doug Casey writes, “but he begged off after witnessing a street fight in which one of Castro’s rebels didn’t

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21 May 2014

Ear Wax Eating Democrat Joe Garcia says “Communism Works”

There are some things you can’t make up. “Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia — fresh off being caught eating his own earwax on camera — was caught red-handed (or is it yellow-fingered?) in another gaffe this week, claiming that low crime rates in border cities with lots of federal immigration

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13 Feb 2014

Obama’s Autocratic Rule Emboldens Other Dictators

For centuries the United States has been the envy of the world. That’s why we have an immigration problem. People from other nations want to be part of this grand experiment. This was mostly true in the 19th and 20th century when we didn’t have a burgeoning welfare system. Dictators

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12 Feb 2014

Should We Lift the Cuba Embargo?

Here’s my short answer to lifting the Cuba embargo: Yes! “The United States has had a trade embargo against Cuba for more than 50 years, but according to the latest survey, a majority of Americans favor normalizing relations with the Communist regime.” Maybe at the time an embargo was a

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07 Jan 2013

NY Congressman Wants Hugo Chavez as President

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have declared themselves to be “Presidents for Life.” Venezuela’s constitution once had term limits on the presidency. Because of a 2009 referendum, Chavez can run indefinitely. Now it seems that Rep. José E. Serrano (D-NY) wants President Obama as President for Life. Rep. Serrano, New York

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28 Sep 2012

A Lesson about Obama from a Cuban Immigrant

The following was sent to me from a friend. I’ve spoken to a number of Cuban immigrants over the years, and I can testify that what you are about to read is true: “When I was about 9 years old I remember asking my dad about Fidel Castro. I asked,

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25 May 2012

Larry Flynt and Fidel Castro’s Niece Come Out in Support of President Obama

It’s been said that people are known by the company they keep. President Obama has gotten a great deal of praise from some rather unusual people. Although he has not directly sought out their endorsements, it’s interesting to note who’s supporting him. The daughter of Cuba’s president, Raul Castro, praised

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11 Apr 2012

Entertainers and Sports Figures — Don’t Tell Us What You Do In Bed Or What Your Politics Are

The Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen stepped in it when he said, “I love Castro.” This wasn’t the best thing to say in an area of Florida where Cuban refugees abound, there’s a place called “Little Havana,” and the Marlins were counting on “South Florida’s large Cuban-American population to help

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19 Mar 2012

Socialists Know President Barack Obama is a Socialist

To say that President Obama is a Socialist will put you on the fringes of civil discourse. “The left has portrayed the assertion ‘Obama is a socialist’ as the product of hallucinogenic tea,” as James Taranto tells it. Of course, President Obama is a Socialist as are a number of

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14 Jun 2011

Castro’s Fastball and Other What-Ifs of History

The Butterfly Effect is said to explain how seemingly inconsequential events can cause catastrophic results. The flap of a butterfly’s wing might set off a series meteorological events that result in a hurricane in the Caribbean. What’s true for wind currents can also apply to historical events. For example, the

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