02 Feb 2015

Communist Party Throws Support Behind Democrat Party

My wife and I were in the car when we heard a story that the Democrat Party shares the ideals of the Communist Party. Instead of working as a third party, the new goal of the Communist Party is to join with the Democrats. While those in the Communist Party

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30 Oct 2014

Blacks are Rejecting the Democrat Party

“There are no white folks running Detroit” is a line from the video “Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership.” A number of Blacks are beginning to see how the Democrat Party has made their social, economic, and educational condition worse. The irony of it all is that the realization has

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11 Mar 2012

How to Tick Off a Democrat — Call it the ‘Democrat Party’

Liberals hate it when you refer to their party as the “Democrat” Party and not by its official name — the “Democratic Party.” The following is an exchange that took place between Geraldo Rivera and a producer on his WABC radio show: GERALDO: I don’t like when they say ‘Democrat’

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