04 Jul 2014

Why George Takei is an Idiot

George Takei, better known as the original USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, has become a bizarre point man for same-sex sexuality. Star Trek would make him famous . . . unfortunately. Takei and Kirk’s William Shatner have been feuding for years: “In 2008 [Shatner] branded George ‘sick’

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01 Jul 2014

Liberals Call for Women to Have Sex in Hobby Lobby Stores and Burn them Down

If you want to see a liberal become unhinged, pass a law that’s reasonable. Please explain to me why any company with employees should be forced to pay anybody anything other than what was promised in the hiring process? When did it become a fundamental right for companies to pay

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18 Jan 2014

Secularism’s Cyanide Tablet and the End of Atheism

In a previous article I pointed out that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to increase the number of unborn baby-killing centers most often called abortion clinics. At the same time, he wants to shut down pro-life crisis pregnancy centers that help women who decide not to kill

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29 Nov 2012

Hobby Lobby Takes on the Obama Administration and the Federal Government

As you probably know, ObamaCare mandates are going to hit employers with 50 or more employees. A number of businesses have gotten exemptions. Many, maybe even all, of them are most likely political in nature. It’s the Santa Clause Effect: I’ll do you a favor if you do one for

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18 Oct 2012

Why the Sudden Swing in the Polls to Romney?

A lot of voters have not been following the presidential election. As the election nears, more people are beginning to pay attention. Those of you who read articles on this site know all the issues. A majority of American voters don’t. Now that they’re paying attention, they need a way

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08 Oct 2012

Obama Administration Forces Bible Publisher to Pay for Abortions

The Obama administration is arguing that Tyndale House Publishers, a Christian publisher of Bibles and ministry material, is not religious enough to qualify for an exemption to the contraception mandate — which includes drugs many Christian groups say are abortifacients. The First Amendment does not make a distinction between for-profit

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05 Mar 2012

How to Beat Liberals in the Contraception War

The Left is trying to make political hay out of the lie that conservatives want to deny women access to contraceptives. Some have called the debate over contraception funding and opposition to abortion “The War on Women.” Democrat operative Wasserman Schultz said, “It’s time Romney and the rest of the

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04 Mar 2012

Dear Rush Limbaugh: “Why I Canceled My Sleep Number Bed”

Dear Rush Limbaugh: I know you apologized for calling 30-year-old Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” The language was certainly over the top. I know what you were thinking. Sometimes people need to be hit over the head with a 2×4 before something sinks in. Before the watching world

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01 Mar 2012

Liberal Politics of Death and Destruction

“The U.S. Senate rejected a GOP amendment on Thursday that would have overridden President Obama’s mandate that most employers, including religious nonprofits, and all insurers provide free contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs for women. The measure failed by a 51-48 vote.” The Republicans are bad, but not as bad as

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28 Feb 2012

Why Social Issues are Important

Rick Santorum is getting hammered because of his social issues message. Critics say that he should be talking about the economy and not contraception and abortion. When a candidate gives a speech, he talks about a lot of things. Members of the media pick and choose what to concentrate on.

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13 Feb 2012

A Majority of Catholics Got What They Voted For

54% of Catholics voted for Obama in 2008. Now the Catholic Bishops are screaming bloody murder because of contraception mandates. Maybe it’s only the 46% that didn’t vote for him who are doing the screaming. What about the Catholic bishops? They got behind Obamacare like they got behind every so-called

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11 Feb 2012

It’s Not about Contraceptives – It’s About Power!

“POWER, POWER, POWER, POWER — never forget that it is from a fascination of the limits and manipulations of Power that keep people interested in this book.”1 These are words from Francis Ford Coppola’s notebook that he used in preparation for filming The Godfather, based on the book of the

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09 Feb 2012

Is the Obama Administration Using Gestapo Tactics?

Here’s the way politics works: Liberals overreach and conservatives compromise. In the end Liberals win. Liberals will propose a ten percent tax increase, and Republicans will settle for five, the very number Democrats hoped to get. It might take Liberals longer to get to their goal, but they know that

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06 Feb 2012

Hitler Would Have Loved the Obama Administration

I just got back from speaking at a Christian Worldview conference. I addressed the issue of Christian activism and the excuses Christians use for not getting involved. While the conference was going on, news was coming out that the church may have awakened from its slumber: Catholic leaders . .

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