27 May 2018

Here’s Why Not Much Changes in Congress

My brother-in-law is always sending me political quips. This latest one really caught my attention. It not only applies to politics. Almost every long-term trend in society is based on the “Five Monkeys in a Cage.” When I was in college, I had to take an introduction to psychology course

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02 Mar 2017

How to stop the Democrat Attack on Jeff Sessions

The Democrats (and some Republicans) are trying to get rid of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General before he even gets started. Democrats know how to fight, obfuscate, and demean. They get away with these tactics because the Republicans refuse to fight back. Republicans like John McCain have been harder on

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25 Sep 2015

Speaker John Boehner Set to Retire from Congress in October

I thought I was dreaming when I heard the news. John Boehner is going to retire at the end of October. Maybe that’s why he was crying as the Pope spoke. Boehner knew his days were numbered. It couldn’t come at a better time. With Boehner gone, the Democrats won’t

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03 Jan 2015

Will The GOP Pull the Plug on the EPA or Just Talk About It?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? “Who will guard the guardians?” It takes years to get an Amendment to the Constitution passed. The last grand attempt was the Equal Rights Amendment, and it failed even though the amount of time for its passage was extended. Amendments no longer matter. A president can

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19 Dec 2014

Why President Obama and Michelle (and Every Member of Congress) Should be Seen as the Help

There’s more racial politics coming from Michelle Obama. In an interview, “Michelle Obama said a woman asked her for help getting something off a shelf at Target, describing racial experiences she’s had.” What was Michelle doing shopping in Target? It was a publicity stunt. The Clintons did stuff like this.

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06 Dec 2014

It’s Time for Congressmen and the President to Wear Cameras and Microphones

If you’ve seen the movie Saving Mr. Banks (2013), starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, you will understand why every congressman should be recorded when discussing any piece of legislation. It should be a law, whether a discussion takes place over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The recorder should always be

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03 Dec 2014

Democrats Surrender and Admit Their Crimes on the House Floor With Hands Up

When I saw a number of Democrats with their hands up on the floor do the House of Representatives, it made me laugh. Usually left-leaning Joe Scarborough had had enough of their sanctimonious stupidity: “He excoriated a number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus took to the House floor

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27 Nov 2014

You Can’t Be an American and be an Atheist

The folks at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) want to rid the country of every vestige of religion from every facet of society and make the nation officially atheistic. They contend that the Constitution requires it based on a tortured reading of the First Amendment and a rewriting of

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17 Sep 2014

IRS Won’t Release Deal Made with Atheist Group

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has been at the forefront of challenging anti-religious groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been working overtime to remove religion and religious expression from every area of American life. If it could, it would dismantle the First Amendment.

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04 May 2014

Chuck Schumer Wants to Change First Amendment to Limit Free Speech

Liberals do not like much of what’s in the Constitution. It’s too limiting. The portions they do like, they reinterpret. How many times have you heard a liberal quote the actual words of the First Amendment when the issue of religion comes up? Mostly we hear that the Constitution requires

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14 Jan 2014

Unelected Bureaucrats Created 80,000 Pages of Regulations in 2013

Who needs Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court when we have bureaucrats? It takes years and many votes to get an Amendment to the Constitution passed. Who cares about the Amendment process when there’s an army of bureaucrats who can create regulations out of thin air that you and

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29 Nov 2013

Did You Just Celebrate ‘National Genocide Day’?

MSNBC has a new host. He’s Mia Farrow’s son, Ronan Farrow.1 Ronan is a smart guy. He graduated from college at 15. He graduated from Yale Law School. He subsequently studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar in 2012. It seems that all his learning has left him bereft

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12 Sep 2013

Unions Want Taxpayers to Subsidize Their Healthcare

The unions want us to pay for their healthcare. “The AFL-CIO approved a resolution saying that President Obama’s health care overhaul will drive up the costs of union-sponsored health plans to the point that workers and employers are forced to abandon them.” I’m suspicious of any union attack of a

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15 Jan 2013

545 Politicians vs. 300,000,000 People

The following article was written by Charley Reese for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper on March 7, 1995 under the title “Looking for Someone To Blame? Congress Is Good Place To Start.” Reese worked for the Orlando Sentinel from 1971 to 2001 as a writer and in various editorial capacities. The

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08 Jan 2012

What Will You Do If Romney Is the GOP Nominee?

I’m a contingency planner. My business partner is a risk-taking entrepreneur of the highest magnitude. We make a good team. When he’s pushing the envelope of a new business venture, I’m asking the “what will happen if” questions. A business needs to be prepared for the unknown. Our companies prepared

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09 Dec 2011

There’s Third-Party Talk in the Air

“Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. is hinting he might run at the top of a third-party ticket if he doesn’t win his party’s nomination,” the folks at The Daily are reporting. After vowing to run as a Republican or nothing at all, Huntsman gave himself a little wiggle room

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07 Oct 2011

The Goal: Occupy the White House and Congress in 2012

While the Leftists are trying to punish the people who create jobs, Conservatives should stay focused on the real problem – Congress and the Presidency. While the leeches and special interest groups want to increase the power of government to make it more difficult for the producers to produce, Conservatives

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