12 Oct 2019

Off With Columbus’ Head, Celebrate the Aztecs Instead

Columbus Day is celebrated on October 14th this year. Columbus Day became a national holiday in 1937. Italian immigrants were a persecuted minority, as were other immigrant groups even though these Old World immigrants had entered the United States legally. As a way to bolster Italian pride, Italians rallied around

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09 Oct 2018

Fake Facts About Christopher Columbus and the Flat-Earth Myth

Cristopher Columbus is back in the news but out of favor. Pres. Trump praised the intrepid explorer on what used to be Columbus Day but is now Indigenous Peoples Day. “Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans,” Trump tweeted. “On #ColumbusDay, we honor his

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23 Jul 2018

Don’t be Led Astray By Another Blood Moon Prediction

It’s a constant battle. Millions of Christians are preoccupied with the last days. Changes in weather patterns, earthquakes, wars, Mideast squabbles, goings on in Russia, Europe, and China. You name it, and it’s been used as an end-time sign. You would think that by now people who fall for these

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02 Sep 2017

Off With Columbus’ Head, Celebrate the Aztecs Instead

The Social Justice Warriors are on the march. They’ve just attacked a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus in Yonkers, New York. It was found beheaded. A Columbus statue in Baltimore was vandalized. “New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is currently reviewing a statue of the explorer at Columbus Circle as

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12 Aug 2017

Eclipses, Blood Moons, and Last Days Madness

On August 21, much of the United States saw a solar eclipse. In some areas, the eclipse was total. For the uninformed, there is nothing unusual about an eclipse. They happen on a regular basis around the world. Here’s a site where you can see a list of the various eclipses

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01 Dec 2014

Muslim Says Islam Discovered the Earth Was Round

Liberals and Muslims have a lot in common. They are equally mixed up on the whole flat earth thing. Every time there is a dispute with liberals about science, liberals are quick to charge that those opposing their unsubstantiated claims are reverting to a belief in a flat earth even

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27 Oct 2014

Muslim Leader Says “Entire Earth” will be “Subordinate” to Caliphate

“Israeli Islamist Leader Kamal Khatib: Jerusalem Will Be Caliphate Capital; PA TV Cuts Interview Off,” MEMRI, October 17, 2014. The world has been fighting a war with Islam for more than a thousand years. Many school children are not taught that one of the reasons Christopher Columbus wanted to find

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14 Oct 2014

The Blood Thirsty Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Yesterday liberals celebrated “I Hate Columbus Day.” In order to express their disdain for the intrepid explorer, they’ve remade “Columbus Day” into “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Let’s look at some of these Indigenous Peoples, in particular the Aztecs and Inca. While Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortez’s arrival caused Montezuma fear and dread,

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13 Oct 2014

Using Christopher Columbus as a Politically Correct Hammer

Each October, Christopher Columbus is hammered for his voyages of exploitation of native peoples and supported for proving the earth was round instead of flat. (More about the flat earth claim below). For example, Seattle, Washington, has designated “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” to replace the every-federal-government-worker-gets-the-day-off -with-pay-while-the-rest-of-us-don’t Columbus Day paid holiday.

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09 Sep 2014

What the Armenian Genocide Can Teach Us about the Islamic Caliphate

I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) over the weekend. It’s a funny movie. A minor background character in the film is the Greek grandmother, affectionately called “Yiya.” The only word you can understand her saying is “Turk.” She lives with her son and his family. She wanders

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23 May 2014

Why John Kerry’s ‘Flat Earth Society’ Slam is All Wrong

John Kerry said the following in a speech he gave at a graduation ceremony at Boston College: “If the US does not act and if it turns out that the critics and naysayers and the members of the Flat Earth Society — if it turns out they’re wrong, then we

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07 Aug 2012

How Historical Myths are Keeping Americans Stupid

As my wife and I were on our way to meet some friends for dinner last night, we were listening to Fox Across America on Sirius Radio channel 126. The host of the show (I think it was Spencer Hughes) was talking about the landing of Curiosity on Mars and

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01 Jan 2012

Ron Paul is Absolutely Right About This

On “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, Ron Paul defended comments he made about AIDS patients in his 1987 book Freedom Under Siege. He shouldn’t have had to. The logic is irrefutable. Raul wrote that people with sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS bear some responsibility for their condition and should

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12 Oct 2011

This is No Time to Despair or Give Up

There are lots of conservative Christians who believe that world conditions are inextricably tied to the near end of the world. For centuries, prophetic speculators have assured their readers that the signs of the end were in place. Francis X. Gumerlock’s book The Day and the Hour: Christianity’s Perennial Fascination

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