23 Apr 2014

Hollywood’s Best Kept Sex Secret is About to Go Public

Hollywood has kept most of its sexual secrets under wraps. Stars that were known to be homosexual were often paired with women and even married. Rock Hudson is a good example. Raymond Burr, the man most identified with the Perry Mason TV character, had his biography whitewashed of any sexual

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19 Mar 2014

Money is a Coward as it Flees High Tax States

In a 1978 speech, Zoltan Merszei, who served as President and CEO of Dow Chemical Co. until his retirement in 1979, said the following in a speech to the Empire Club of Canada: “A fact of life is that money is a coward. Money crosses national boundaries freely. Investment capital

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11 Jan 2014

The Tale of Two BridgeGates: Ted Kennedy v. Chris Christie

The political frenzy over Chris Christie and the closing of lanes across the George Washington Bridge is astounding. I don’t know if Christie is lying. He’s a politician, so it’s most likely that he is. How can BridgeGate get so much attention when Benghazi and the IRS scandals (and more

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09 Jan 2014

Media More Interested in Chris Christie Traffic Snarls than Obama War Dead

I’m no fan of NJ governor Chris Christie. He impressed me early on, but the more I read about his policies and political opportunism, the less I like him. Then there’s this thing about holding up traffic because he was ticked off that some local mayor who would not support

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17 Mar 2012

Bruce Springsteen Wants to “Take Care of Our Own” With Other People’s Money

I don’t have any problem with musicians, actors, and athletes making boat loads of money. It’s a free world. They’ve developed a skill or a persona that people want to pay money to be part of, more power to them. But here’s what really ticks me off. When these same

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29 Feb 2012

The News is Not all Bad

There’s still hope for America! It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we can’t let political potholes get in the way of making a sea change in Washington. I’ve said this before — the presidency is not the only battlefront. We might not like what we’re going to get

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