18 Jul 2015

Gun Owners Pack Heat to Guard Military Recruiting Center

The recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where four Marines were gunned down by an Islamic terrorist, was a “gun-free zone.” That meant that anybody with evil intent in their heart who had a gun and had some reason to kill American servicemen on United States soil, would meet with no

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22 Feb 2014

Dividing California into Six States May Not be a Good Idea

A call to divide California into six states is getting a lot of attention. “Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper claims ‘political representation of California’s diverse population and economies has rendered the state nearly ungovernable.’” The office of California’s Secretary of State gave the go head to collect petition signatures.

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19 Feb 2014

Union Vote Loss at Volkswagen Auto Plant Blamed on Racism and Nazis

You know it had to happen. Anytime liberals and Democrats lose politically, it’s because of racism. Timothy Noah, a contributing writer for MSNBC, claimed that the union loss at the Chattanooga Volkswagen auto plant was because union “opposition . . . portrayed this as a kind of Northern invasion, a

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15 Feb 2014

UAW Union Loses in Chattanooga VW Vote

One of the reasons a number of auto companies came south was because they were right to work states. That’s why you’ll find KIA in LaGrange, Georgia, VW in Chattannoga, Tennessee, and BMW in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Union membership has dropped precipitously in recent years. The unionists that remain have

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