17 Sep 2018

It’s Time to Put the Late Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and the Democrat Party on Trial

There was Clarence Thomas v. Anita Hill, Roy Moore v. some teenage girls, and now it’s Brett Kavanaugh v. Christine Blasey Ford who claims Kavanaugh abused her more than 35 years ago when they were teenagers. The thing of it is, except maybe in the Moore case, it’s one person’s

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05 Jul 2018

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Used to Work for Sen. Edward Kennedy

As you probably know by now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat long-time Democrat Joe Crowley in New York’s very liberal 14th Congressional District. Ocasio-Cortez, 28, a former organizer for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and a onetime staffer for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, ran on an unalloyed leftist progressive platform, calling for a “political

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12 Dec 2017

Democrats, Double Standards, and their Ted Kennedy Problem

Even though Ted Kennedy left the scene of an accident where a young girl drowned, he served more than 40 years in the Senate.

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13 Oct 2017

Democrats Own Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, and this Barista

Sexual abuse, demeaning women, and promoting all types of sexual libertinism are the domain of the Democrats and their supporters. The latest is Harvey Weinstein.

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31 Dec 2014

Republican Steve Scalise Gets Skewered While Liberal Democrats Got Passes

Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is being attacked because of some of his past political relationships. Conservatives and liberals alike are calling for his resignation. As expected, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune, have called on Scalise to resign his House GOP leadership post: “USA Today argued that Scalise’s longtime relationship

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11 Jan 2014

The Tale of Two BridgeGates: Ted Kennedy v. Chris Christie

The political frenzy over Chris Christie and the closing of lanes across the George Washington Bridge is astounding. I don’t know if Christie is lying. He’s a politician, so it’s most likely that he is. How can BridgeGate get so much attention when Benghazi and the IRS scandals (and more

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05 Aug 2013

Democrat War on Women: Let Me Count the Ways

Liberals are all about making unfounded charges against conservatives. Opposing abortion on demand that kills preborn babies – 50 percent of which are female and in some countries an even higher percentage – is turned into a “Republican war on women.” Forcing me to pay for a woman’s birth control

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04 Jun 2013

Frank Lautenberg and Other Democrat Scoundrels

I don’t often speak ill of the dead, but the accolades coming in for New Jersey Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg who died Monday at age 89 ticked me off. The New York Times described the late Senator as having a “consistently liberal voting record. Americans for Democratic Action said he

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15 May 2012

Ted Kennedy Let Mary Jo Kopechne Die in the Back Seat of His Car While Mitt Romney Cut a Kid’s Hair

You’ve heard that the Washington Post dredged up a 47-year-old story about Mitt Romney. Supposedly he bullied some kid in high school by cutting his hair. As more of the facts have come out, it’s obvious that the lengthy hit piece was built on a foundation of “we need this

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