19 Aug 2018

What We’re Not Being Told About Sexual Misconduct by Priests in Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is being heavily criticized for its “sex scandal” in a 1400-page grand jury report, as it should be. I wait with bated breath for a similar report on public schools where there’s a similar cover-up,1 and this says nothing about the easy access of drugs, reports of

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03 Jan 2015

Mario Cuomo: A Coward When It Came to Publically Opposing Abortion that He Said He Opposed

Former three-time New York governor Mario Cuomo died at the age of 82. The accolades are coming in by the boat load. He’s being called “Super Mario.” He was a liberal. What do you expect? Donna Douglas, who played Elly May Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies and an “ugly” patient

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02 Aug 2014

Rewriting the History of Same-Sex Sexuality with John Boswell

Finding justification for perversion is a full time job these days. every effort is being made to make the unnatural, illogical, and immoral into a celebration of pride. First there were just homosexuals and heterosexuals. Now there is a full array of sexual types that we will be forced to

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13 Mar 2013

Charlie Rangel Goes off the Liberal Plantation

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel was asked by MSNBC anchor and openly homosexual Thomas Roberts what he thought about the next Pope and the direction of the Catholic Church. Here was Rangel’s response: “I hope they stick by their guns on same-sex marriage and telling a woman what she should

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25 May 2012

Media Spiking and Manufacturing News Stories to Get Obama Re-Elected is a Sign of Liberal Desperation

Stories that are harmful to the president’s re-election efforts are spiked, news that puts the president in a good light are turned into front-page headlines, and when they can’t find either, the media manufactures news out of thin air. This is good news! It shows that liberalism can’t stand on

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22 May 2012

Is the Obama Campaign Collapsing and Liberalism With It?

Don’t underestimate liberals. They live for politics. It’s their religion. They will lie, cheat, and steal to win an election. Prime evidence of their chicanery is the fact that the voting rolls are bloated with illegal immigrants and dead voters. “There are questions about whether 182,000 registered voters are actually

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09 Feb 2012

Is the Obama Administration Using Gestapo Tactics?

Here’s the way politics works: Liberals overreach and conservatives compromise. In the end Liberals win. Liberals will propose a ten percent tax increase, and Republicans will settle for five, the very number Democrats hoped to get. It might take Liberals longer to get to their goal, but they know that

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