14 Feb 2019

If It’s OK to Kill Unborn Babies, How Can Killing and Eating an Ex-Girlfriend be Morally Wrong?

Just because someone wears a suit and tie does not mean he’s morally equipped to govern a state. Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, and Ralph Northam, governor of Virginia, govern their respective states while lacking ultimate moral authority for their actions. In fact, if we were to apply

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28 Dec 2014

How the Eating of Michael Rockefeller Supports Atheism

Three articles caught my attention. In the first one, a former Seventh Day Adventist pastor “pledged to live 2014 god-free in order to test his faith.” He “now says he is contemplating leaving religion for good.” Ryan Bell had “resigned as pastor of the church he had worked at for

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17 Apr 2014

New Atheist Banner: If There is No God There are No Sins (or Crimes)

Atheists love to proclaim how rational and logical they are. Here’s the latest display of their powers of reasoning: “An atheist group upset at a Concerned Women for America Easter display that includes a Christian cross and various anti-abortion materials has now countered with an addition of their own: A

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07 Jan 2014

You Are Like Rapists, Pedophiles, and Murderers if You Eat Meat

There’s never a lack of good material to write about for the Godfather Politics site. Some days there’s so much to comment on that I find myself overwhelmed with the collective stupidity of so many people. I consider myself fairly well informed on pop culture and the latest faux celebrities,

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30 Nov 2013

German Court Must Decide if it’s a Crime to Kill and Eat Someone

Cannibalism is not something people want to think about a few days after Thanksgiving, but it’s in the news again. “A German police officer has been arrested on suspicion of killing and chopping up a man he met on the Internet who had long fantasized about being killed and eaten.”

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31 Aug 2013

Helping Syrian Rebels Means Helping Cannibals and Murderers

Is the buildup of a United States military strike against Syria a diversion — a wag the dog scenario — in order to divert attention away from President Obama’s many domestic troubles? The economy remains stagnant, youth unemployment is at a record high, and a majority of Americans are beginning

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26 Jun 2013

The Next Sexual Domino to Fall: Monogamy is Not ‘Natural’

For decades those opposed to homosexual normalcy and homosexual marriage have made it clear that there’s a larger agenda in view. Polygamy, pedophilia, and now the end of monogamy are on the table. The latest Supreme Court decision made that clear. There is no longer a basis for morality and

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03 Dec 2012

Germans Can’t Say Having ‘Relations’ with Animals is Wrong

I’m no longer shocked by what I read in the news these days. What would have turned people’s stomachs 30 or 40 years ago, now these stories are met with a dismissive “Whatever.” The latest once-thought-to-be moral atrocity has to do with “zoophilia” (from the Greek zōion, meaning “animal,” from

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28 May 2012

Story of Man Eating another Man is Disturbing but Is It Wrong?

The story of a naked man eating the face of another naked man is making its way around the internet. This took place in broad daylight on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. The police shot and killed the cannibal. Were the police right to do this? Cannibalism is not

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25 Jan 2012

Is It OK to Eat Homeless People (and Anybody Else)?

Two stories got my attention. The first one was about a man who killed and ate a homeless man. According to an arrest warrant, on Dec. 16 [2011] [Tyree Lincoln] Smith was sleeping on the porch of an abandoned Bridgeport [Connecticut] home occupied by [Angel “Tun Tun”] Gonzalez. Gonzalez woke

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26 Dec 2011

Cannibalism Goes Mainstream on Dutch Television

The headline was shocking: “German Cannibal Convicted of Manslaughter.” Armin Meiwes had killed Bernd Brandes, a 48-year-old computer engineer, and eaten him sautéed with garlic, black pepper, potatoes, sprouts, and washed it all down, of course, with a bottle of red wine. Brandes had responded to the following advertisement posted

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