12 Sep 2015

Office Depot Refuses to Print Copies of Anti-Abortion Prayer and It’s Their Right to Refuse

“Last month, Maria Goldstein, a Roman Catholic, asked employees at an Office Depot location in Schaumburg, Ill., to make 500 copies of ‘A Prayer for Planned Parenthood.’ . . . Company spokeswoman Karen Denning told the Chicago Tribune that Office Depot prohibits the copying of material that advocates ‘the persecution

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03 Apr 2015

Some Sense and Nonsense from Penn Jillette

Penn and Teller are great magicians. If you ever get a chance to see one of their shows – do it. You won’t be disappointed. Penn Jillette, the one who speaks, is an intelligent guy. He has a lot of good things to say. He’s a bit too foul-mouthed for

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27 Mar 2014

Hobby Lobby Case Shows Government is in Control No Matter the Outcome

Should business owners be forced to pay for contraceptives or pay a fine if they don’t in the new ever-changing Affordable Care Act? Wrong question. The case before the Supreme Court “will determine whether Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned craft store chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a cabinet company, can be

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16 Jun 2012

23% of Small Business Owners Went a Year Without Pay and Obama is Happy About It

Since 2010, I have not received a salary from the company where I’m the president and have worked for 31 years. My business partner, who is vice-president, also does not receive a salary. In addition, we’ve had to lay off a few people. My wife was the first to be

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02 Jun 2012

J. C. Penney Has Embraced the ‘Gay’ Lifestyle with Father’s Day Ad

James Cash Penney (1875–1971) began his career in retail management when he opened The Golden Rule store in 1902. Penney built his company based on the premise that business is “as much religious as it is secular.” If we love God first, everything else will fall into place. The issue

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