03 Mar 2015

GOP Will Lose Big in 2016 if Jeb Bush is the Candidate

If the GOP establishment was dismayed that 5 million Republicans did not vote in 2012, they’re really going to be depressed when even more stay home if Jeb Bush is at the top of the ticket in 2016. Conservatives who don’t show up at the pools for the the presidential

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04 Feb 2015

Muslims Throw Gays to Their Deaths, Gays Bankrupt People Who Disagree with Them

There’s a disturbing story coming out Syria reported by the Daily Mail: “A man has reportedly been blindfolded and thrown off a tower block in Syria for ‘being gay’ before being stoned to death after surviving the fall. “New images have emerged appearing to show ISIS militants hurling the man

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05 Jun 2013

Homosexual Scouts Will be Sleeping in Your Son’s Tent

The Boy Scouts did it. A majority of the 1,400 members of BSA’s National Council voted to drop the ban on homosexual scouting members.  “The proposal was drafted by the BSA’s governing executive committee and says boys can no longer be excluded from scouting solely on the basis of sexual

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15 May 2013

Can the Boy Scouts Be Good Without God?

Tom Krattenmaker says that atheists can be good without God. His article in USA Today (“Good Boy Scouts Don’t Need God,” May 13, 2013) attempts to make the case that atheists are good people. They don’t believe in God and yet they perform good deeds. No they don’t and they

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21 Jun 2012

Boy Scout Executive Board Member Pushes for ‘Gay’ Scout Leaders

Does the insanity ever stop? “James Turley, the chief executive officer of [the accounting firm] Ernst & Young, says he does not support the Scouts’ policy of excluding homosexuals and ‘will work from within to seek a change.’ He is the first member of the Scouts’ executive board known to

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