19 May 2015

Liberals Only Support the Death Penalty for Unborn Babies

Nancy Gertner, a retired federal judge and a professor at Harvard Law School, writing an opinion piece for the Boston Globe, is morally outraged that the jury in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombing trial unanimously chose the death penalty instead of life imprisonment for the

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24 Apr 2013

Did the FBI Know About the Boston Bombings?

I woke up just after midnight this morning with a visual image of the FBI following the two Boston bombers before they set off their pressure cookers, but they were too late. We’re hearing all kinds of stories about how the FBI dropped the ball on these two guys, especially

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19 Apr 2013

Media Outrage: Bombers not ‘Extreme Right Wing’

When stories about the Boston Marathon bombings started coming in, the media sycophants had their profile narrative in hand. It looked like American right wing extremists were the likely perpetrators. Tax Day . . . Patriots Day . . . Waco Anniversary . . . Hitler’s birthday . . .

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26 Jul 2012

Liberal Mayors Deny Businesses the Right to Operate in Their Cities

Big-City mayors are attacking Chick-fil-A by threatening to deny them a business license to operate. These liberal mayors don’t like the public stand the owners have taken on defending biblical marriage. This is tyranny of the first order. First it was punishment for “hate crimes,” then it was for “hate

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