20 Aug 2018

Who is the Harlot of Babylon in Revelation?

When the world hiccups, prophetic speculators believe they have a cure by prognosticating on when the end might be. It’s an old process that has not made with much success. People have been predicting the end of the world or some version of it for centuries. When our world is

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28 Apr 2018

Does the Book of Revelation Teach that the Church Will be ‘Raptured’?

As I mentioned in my previous article “Should Christians Still Believe in the Rapture?,” the rapture doctrine is popular and vigorously defended by its advocates. But is it biblical? Does the Bible teach that the church will be taken off the earth in something called “the rapture” prior to or

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05 Jan 2018

Getting the Right Doctrine from the Wrong Text: Misreading the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is about events leading up to and including the destruction of Jerusalem that took place in AD 70

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30 Oct 2017

How One Little Word Changes Everything in the Book of Revelation. Do You Know What It Is?

Prophetic speculation is rampant. Books dealing with the end times continue to flood the market. Is America part of Bible prophecy? What about Russia? Two recent books. Let’s not forget blood moons . . . earthquakes . . . eclipses  . . . hurricanes . . . wars. Probably the

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