21 Jan 2019

Two H*U*G*E Fake News Stories

Almost everything coming from the Left is Fake News. In fact, it’s hard to read anything today without questioning what’s written or said. It’s gotten so bad that I have to check the weather report from three different sources. In addition to Fake News, there’s Suppressed News. This is news

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13 May 2013

Why Republicans Won’t Get any Political Traction on Benghazi

If anything happens over Benghazi, Obama won’t be touched, Hillary will get a pass, and the Republicans won’t get any political traction because they’re a party without ideas. A front page, above the fold article in USA Today confirmed it for me. “Jodi Arias guilty of murder.” A second article

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12 Mar 2013

Neo-Con Doesn’t Get the Importance of Rand Paul’s Filibuster

Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster over domestic drone strikes has set the Neo-Con world on edge. The old bulls feel threatened by the surging new bulls. For decades conservatives have been waiting for someone to stand up against the spineless, too-long-in-Congress, old guard Republicans. John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the

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20 Nov 2012

I Care if Millionaires Pay More in Taxes and I’m not a Millionaire

With Republican friends like Bill Kristol, who needs Democrats to condemn? Here’s the latest from supposed conservative Kristol on raising taxes: “I don’t think Republicans have the leverage or it’s worth using whatever leverage they have in maintaining rates at 35% instead 37 or 38%. I just don’t think it’s

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13 Nov 2012

Let’s Call Taxation What It Is: Theft

Bill Kristol, a long-time spokesman for neo-conservatism which is just another name for the road to serfdom by the slow route, says it’s no big deal if millionaires are taxed more. Obama won. Give him what he ran and won on. Here’s what Kristol said on Fox News Sunday: “Elections

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