02 Jun 2014

Opposing Homosexuality is Not Bigotry

The following comments of mine were posted by someone on Facebook: “The homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual, and whatever-sexual movement works overtime to hitch its cart to the civil rights horse. . . . Sexual behavior cannot be compared to the struggle of blacks to secure full civil rights. . . .

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06 Mar 2014

The “We’re All Animals” Premise of Modern Secular Thought and Where it Leads

There are consequences to what a person believes. Unfortunately, many people don’t often work out the full implications of those beliefs to see where they lead if consistency prevails. It’s one of the reasons we have poverty and drug addiction. Not gaining a skill early in life of work-habit experience

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23 Jun 2012

‘It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White’

Fox News reports that “The Un-Fair Campaign addresses what it calls ‘white privilege’ with billboards, posters and online videos assigning guilt to people with taglines like, ‘Is white skin really fair skin?’ and ‘I am a white man. That’s unfair.’ The ads are plastered across a city where 90 percent

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17 May 2012

The So-Called ‘Science’ Behind ‘Gay’ Marriage

A letter writer to USA Today equates “gay marriage” with “equality,” “science,” and “rationality.” Here’s how he puts it: As our nation and the world move forward with advances in science and medicine, rationality inevitably follows. Conservatives will have a more difficult time defending their bigotry. If there’s one thing

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14 Oct 2011

Atheist Richard Dawkins Accuses Country Club of ‘Bigotry’

Prominent and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins accused the Wyndgate Country Club outside of Detroit of “cancelling his planned speaking event at a fundraising dinner due to his view of religion,” or lack of it. The dinner was organized by the Center for Inquiry along with the Richard Dawkins Foundation. “The

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